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#Bitcoin on shaky grounds! What’s the cheapest price we will be able to buy $BTC before the next bull run? Quant Network explodes, Binance incubation startups, GlobalCoin update, LINE x Visa, Coinbase batched transactions, crypto news, and more!

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Intro Credit: @angry_vet_

0:16 Markets 〽️
3:37 Quant Network Review:
8:33 Woodbull charts:
11:08 Bitcoin to $250,000:
12:55 Twitter sentiment:
13:18 Bitcoin sentiment:
13:44 Bitcoin is still king:
15:08 Quant Network explodes:
16:11 Binance incubation:
16:30 GlobalCoin update:
17:16 LINE x Visa:
17:38 Coinbase batched transaction:
18:30 Switzerland: crypto country:

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