Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Finance & Global News – May 31st 2020

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Finance & Global News – May 31st 2020
In this week’s market update we cover all the latest headlines from Australia, US, China, Europe & other global markets. This will include stocks, gold, silver, oil, bonds, property & currencies. The financial world & macro economic policy is now well & truly entwined with Bitcoin & cryptocurrency markets. We also look at all the latest cryptocurrency news & analysis for Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, Altcoins & blockchain industry. With record debt & rising inequality, the world is now facing another global financial crisis. Global central banks are doing everything they can to prevent another economic collapse. We believe central banks & governments will unleash massive fiscal spending, MMT, QE & negative interest rates in an attempt to drive up asset prices & inflate away debt. Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Ethereum & cryptocurrency are the best way to exit the banking system & control your own wealth. #Bitcoin #Finance #Economics

0:00 – Finance & Global News segment:
3:05 – Concern for Australian construction & tourism
7:55 – Weak velocity of money
11:15 – 40 million U.S. jobless claims in 10 weeks
12:45 – U.S. corporate bond sales smash record
15:35 – Fed seriously considers yield-curve control
17:50 – Update from RBA governor
16:40 – Strong demand for gold-backed ETFs
18:10 – Gold price performance vs. fiat money
21:15 – Nasdaq nears all-time high
22:30 – Cryptocurrency News segment:
28:20 – Digital Dollar Project update
29:10 – Gemini on Samsung Blockchain Wallet
29:35 – Cardano’s Shelley announcement
29:50 – Polkadot goes live
30:10 – Enigma & Secret Network
30:40 – Video calls on Brave Browser
31:10 – Enjin’s Minecraft plug-in
33:05 – mStable launches on Ethereum
33:35 – Aave introduces Uniswap market
33:55 – Nexus Mutual update
34:25 – RenVM mainnet launch
34:50 – Zcash halving
35:30 – COMP token distribution plan
35:45 – Umbra to bring stealth payments to Ethereum
37:00 – Ethereum on-chain activity
39:05 – New monthly Ethereum update
40:25 – ETH stock-to-flow
41:20 – Strong demand for Grayscale Bitcoin Trust
41:45 – Goldman Sachs on Bitcoin
42:30 – Early bitcoin moves
44:15 – Technical Analysis segment

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