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Richard Heart: Billionaire, blockchain thought leader, cryptocurrency investor, author, serial entrepreneur, Bitcoin OG
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This interview is with Paul Democritou: Entrepreneur, sales/marketing expert, author and cancer survivor. Startup/ICO Consultant:

Richard’s Early Life
01:33 Education
05:13 Social Circle
07:45 Jobs
10:27 Professional Life (Florida)

12:03 Richard’s Intro to Bitcoin
16:03 Paul’s Intro to Bitcoin


16:55 Buying the Dips / Fake 6000 Support
18:31 Interaction Between Bitcoin and Altcoins
18:52 XRP on Coinbase
20:48 Bear Markets Destroy Exchanges
21:39 Current Market Sentiment
22:37 Trading Advice
23:17 The Kelly Criterion
24:02 The Crypto Market’s Affect on Richard
24:30 Giving Out Free Trading Advice VS Creating a New Token
26:39 Making Money VS Saving Lives
30:03 The Save Your Ass Fund

Richard’s Personal Life

00:32:22 What Drives Richard?
00:33:40 Interests Outside Bitcoin (Improving Others / Scivive)
00:35:02 Success to Richard
00:35:15 Building Quality Habits / Emotions
00:37:38 Current Project: Bitcoin HEX

00:40:30 Finding Success is Life
00:42:13 Finding Success in Crypto
00:42:21 ICOs
00:45:14 Trading
00:47:33 Getting Free Airdrops (BitcoinHEX)

00:49:01 Making Mistakes
00:52:29 Mentors VS Their Books VS Personal Development
00:56:33 Favorite Books
00:58:26 Morning Routine
01:00:11 Perception of Richard
01:01:12 Typical Day
01:02:31 Short-lived Behavior (Social Media) VS Long-lasting Behavior (BitcoinHEX)
01:05:16 Hobbies (Night Clubs, Music, Dogs, Keyboards, Video Games)

Trading and Bitcoin (1:07:07)

Current Market Sentiment (cont)
01:07:16 ICOs Are Dead
01:07:24 Capitulation OR Bull Run
01:07:55 Golden Cross
01:08:51 Capitulation
01:09:58 Characteristics (Suicide Hotlines, Trading Chat Rooms, FUD)

01:11:14 Bitcoin Maximalists Misunderstanding Altcoins
01:11:51 Speculating with BitMEX / Altcoins
01:12:42 Anonymity
01:15:23 Lightning will Help Alts Too

01:16:48 Bitcoin’s Success (Market Cap, Listings) VS Shortcomings (Adoption / Advertisement Funding)
01:20:35 Institutional Money and Advertisement Funding
01:20:58 Difficulty of Growing your BTC Stack

01:24:37 Asking Richard for Help With Goals
01:25:21 Paul’s Plug: The Crypto Factor

01:26:35 Difficulty of Growing your BTC Stack (cont)


01:31:02 Trustless Interest on BitcoinHEX
01:33:42 Using Ethereum’s Blockchain
01:36:14 EOS is NOT Trustless
01:36:57 Pumpamentals
01:37:40 Benefits of Staking
01:40:56 Pricing Power (Protections from Copycats)
01:42:41 Decentralization

Comment Section (01:44:17)

01:44:57 Ponzi Schemes VS Pyramid Schemes VS Speculative Bubbles
01:50:04 Importance of Marketing
01:51:57 Hardware VS Software Businesses
01:53:32 Regulating Public Utilities (Google, Facebook, Amazon)
01:55:33 Breaking Up Monopolies
01:57:46 Social Media Generational Shifts
01:58:43 Facebook’s Monopoly (Instagram, WhatsApp)
02:00:24 NSA
02:01:38 Cobalt / Fortran
02:02:06 BHX Inflation
02:04:24 Pumpamentals
02:07:09 BHX is Held in Smart Contract
02:08:05 Staking and Game Theory
02:11:20 Claiming
02:13:03 Anonymity
02:14:26 Magic Internet Money
02:15:39 BHX Supply
02:19:11 Ethereum Improvements
02:20:28 Gold VS Other Investments
02:22:24 Liquidity and Pumping
02:22:57 Marketability and Pumping
02:24:17 Selling Bitcoin for USD VS Assets
02:29:10 Adoption / Marketing (Tragedy of the Commons)
02:32:47 Gold VS Other Investments
02:42:01 Richard’s Jewelry / Submariner
02:42:59 Most People are Poor
02:43:40 Longing better than Shorting
02:47:11 Effect of Money on Life
02:49:24 Paul’s History with Cancer
02:55:28 Exercise and Diet
02:56:53 Relationships
03:01:53 Personal Development
03:04:53 Paul’s Shills
03:07:04 Richard’s Shills
03:10:43 Curing Aging better than Curing Cancer
03:14:44 Conclusion