BITCOIN IS EXPLODING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [here is our next EXACT target..]

WOW!! BITCOIN IS EXPLODING!!! What is our exact next price target for Bitcoin and Ethereum!? Watch todays Episode for Technical analysis on Bitcoin and Ethereum on the BTC USD and ETH USD Charts! These price targets after the crypto pump will surprise you!
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Watch Pro Blockchain’s Interview with me:

00:00 Intro
1:45 My Bitcoin target EXACTLY HIT!
2:40 Davincis AMAZING Ta on Bitcoin (target)
9:44 My Bitcoin Trade on Phemex (wow!)
10:25 What now for Bitcoin?
11:31 Ethereum CRAZY TA!
13:02 My warning to ALTCOIN HODLERS!
17:34 My jump into the Pool πŸ˜€

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