Bitcoin “May” Hit $10,000 by “May”

Bitcoin is standing at around $5,621 at the time of writing and has shown a staggering 5.05% increase in the past 24 hours. The asset is shooting past the resistance levels and is seemingly set for an extended bull-run as its performance over the past few weeks has remained to be pretty consistent. Many are predicting the heights that this asset can now gain on its way up and as per this trader’s analysis, we might end up seeing $10,000 by May.

Overall, the environment set up for bitcoin seems highly amiable. Some experts are suggesting that we are going to see the $6,000 and $7,000 marks very soon in the near future.

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Although the asset is now seeming pretty attractive for various investors and traders in the crypto game, the need of the hour is to stay alert owing to the volatility that the crypto world inherently possesses. Huge spikes are also followed by downfalls very often. A crypto analyst also suggested that after crossing the $6,000 mark, we might see the $4,600-$4,800 range once again before going up. This points a perfect buying spot for you that might be in sight.

Based on this daily fractal we should get another chance to buy $BTC at $4600-$4800 levels before the next run to $6800.

Doesn’t matter how attractive bitcoin might seem to you right now as a viable and attractive investment option, the need is to stay safe by choosing the safest buying window, as everybody wants the best return on investment for him/herself.

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As many experts are predicting short-term price ranges for the asset, some are even suggesting what will happen to the asset over the coming years. As per John McAfee, one of the world’s well-renowned cybersecurity experts and a crypto-bull, bitcoin will hit a million dollars in the coming future. Right now, its price does not reflect the value that it has accumulated over the past few years.

Crypto trader and investor who goes by the name of “Professor Crypto” suggests a very particular price that bitcoin will become worth $183k by 2023. While posting the following picture, he tweeted:

Bitcoin “May” Hit $10,000 by “May”

If you don’t believe it I don’t have time to convince you. $180k by 2023.

All in all, things only seem to be getting heated for the world’s biggest cryptocurrency in terms of its price. Where it lands in the short-term and the long-term cannot be predicted with utmost surety. The only thing certain is uncertainty. Let’s see how this price scenaerio unfolds moving forward.