Bitcoin | The Musk effect Bitcoin surges to $43k following $1.5 billion purchase by Telsa

Bitcoin | The Musk effect Bitcoin surges to $43k following $1.5 billion purchase by Telsa
Bitcoin – bitcoin today: i’ll go through the bitcoin & ethereum news today & i’ll make a bitcoin & ethereum price analysis. crypto capital venture cycles of bitcoin – . but the beauty of the bullish breakout for bitcoin is how it translates onto the macro charts.
i am taking dramatic actions on bitcoin right now!!!!!!..
videos cover everything from crypto minig such as bitcoin mining cryptocurrency mining and ethereum mining crypto technical analysis such as bitcoin trading bitcoin trading tutorial bitcoin price prediction cryptocurrency trading for beginners cryptocurrency trading strategy crypto technical analysis for beginners daily crypto technical analysis altcoin technical analysis ethereum price prediction ethereum technical analysis today and bitcoin technical analysis.
blockchain’s evolution over past 3 years to support smart contracts changed the game’” & “4 reasons bitcoin is about to reclaim $38k putting all-time highs back in play” & “crypto exchange coinbase has chosen nasdaq as its direct listing venue” we also do a bitcoin price prediction an xrp ripple price prediction and an ethereum price prediction…
in todays educational video i look at the traditional financial markets i analyse the price of bitcoin i analyse the dow jones index dowj and i tell you the breaking news stories from crypto and the stock market!
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