Cloud Mining in 2021! UPDATED Review of Legit and Scam Cloud Mining Services

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Bitcoin mining today requires a lot of powerful, expensive hardware and even more electricity to be profitable. But what if somebody could do this for you? Welcome to cloud mining 2021. This is where companies such as Stormgain cloud mining and others will purchase hardware and mine cryptocurrency on your behalf. So how does cloud mining actually work and what are the best cloud mining sites in 2021?.

In this video, we will give you the most thorough cloud mining review out there!

Crypto and bitcoin cloud mining 2021 works when you lease or purchase mining equipment from a third-party cloud provider, who is responsible for maintaining the equipment. The current popular models of cloud mining include hosted mining and leased hash power. Hosted mining is when you choose which piece of hardware you will rent to mine cryptocurrency, different miners will yield different payouts. Leased hash power is a similar premise in cloud mining, however this is where instead of renting the hardware itself, you rent a fixed hash power which will pay you accordingly.

This cloud mining model is very attractive because users are able to be involved in crypto and make a profit without setting up the hardware and taking on the costs. So what’s the catch? Is cloud mining free legit? Well, many of the companies currently offering these services are scams, they are elaborate ponzi schemes which unfortunately many have fallen victim to. This is why it’s important to do your research, but luckily we have already done the hard work for you in this cloud mining review video. It is also important to note that these companies will take a cut from your earnings, otherwise they would obviously just mine the crypto themselves right?

Okay great, so you want to get started with cloud mining 2021? There are many cloud mining providers such as, ViaBTC, NiceHash, Hashflare, Genesis mining, and more. We will explain what these providers offer and which one you should go within this video. So if you have any questions such as ‘Stormgain mining legit?’ or ‘Genesis mining legit?’, then you will get all your important questions answered!

Stick around till the end of this video to find out how you can get started with Stormgain cloud mining for free right now, with no need to enter into any contract. Use the following link to sign up and deposit $20 worth of crypto to also automatically get access to our trading signals group!

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