BCB Group Introduces Real-Time Payment Network for Crypto
BCB Group, a leading digital asset financial services group, today announced the launch of one of the first of its kind real-time payment networks, enabling free real-time transactions in fiat and digital currencies.

The world’s oldest active cryptocurrency exchange, Bitstamp, will be the first exchange to provide transactions in the BCB Liquidity Interchange Network consortium. This development is based on accelerating customer demand for the BCB Group platform during the year to the end of June 2020 with an average monthly growth of 24% in payments.

Bitfinex Introduces P2P, Automatic Crypto Lending Service
Duplicated ‘Lending Pro, a custom tool that manages the process on behalf of the customer and based on customer specifications.

Crypto exchange Bitfinex is about to launch a new automated peer-to-peer crypto lending service. Duplicate ‘Lending Pro, a custom tool that manages the process on behalf of the client and based on user-defined specifications and market conditions.
Lending Pro will air in the first week of August. The new platform not only allows users to directly borrow and receive cryptocurrency funding within hours, but also offers access to market data and prices in the lending market. This includes in-depth market analysis charts, rates calculated with Bitfinex’s margin lending automation tool, displaying the user’s aggregate holdings along with a breakdown by cryptocurrency. This allows users to track their earnings and make informed choices in their loan requests.

Chainalysis Launches New Crypto Market Analytics Site That Is Free To The Public
Market research firm Chainalis Blockchain has launched a new Market Intel website aimed at asset managers and financial regulators interested in monitoring the health of cryptocurrencies.

The website, now free in beta and open to the public, will provide daily metrics on trade, supply, demand, generation, risk, and information on how cryptocurrency flows between different entities and regions. The site currently tracks Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

Twitch Doubles Down on Crypto, Gives Subscribers 10% Discount
Twitch is giving subscribers a 10% discount if they pay using cryptocurrencies.

The Amazon-owned company announced the deal on Saturday; users can pay in bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash or litecoin.
A live-streaming platform popular with video gamers, Twitch had around 3.8 million broadcasters in Q1 2020 and around 1.44 million concurrent users as of March 2020.
Offering a discount suggests the platform is encouraging its subscribers to use cryptocurrencies for goods and services rather than just as a speculative investment.
The company uses U.S.-based BitPay to process its crypto payments.

Bitmain Spin-Off Launches Crypto Exchange To Follow The Booming Options Market
Cryptographic service provider Matrixport launched its own derivatives exchange to boost options activity.

Monthly stock options rose sharply from $ 1 billion in January to $ 2.5 billion in June; in May, it fell to $ 3 billion. has said it wants to compete with Deribit, the Panama-based exchange, which has 88% of the market share, according to Skew.
That Matrixport decided to launch Bitcoin / US. The perpetual dollar swap can be seen as an attempt to challenge the market leader BitMEX – its culprit has nearly $ 800 million in open interest.

Bitmain Spin-Off Launches Crypto Exchange

Tetras Capital Closes Crypto Hedge Fund After Losi ng 75%
Cryptocurrency hedge fund Tetras Capital announces its release.

The New York fund is shutting down and returning investors’ money after a quarter of low returns, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter, who spoke to CoinDesk on condition of anonymity.
The fund has struggled to succeed and has posted 75% losses since opening in 2017, the source said.
According to financial reports, Tetras Capital made over $ 33 million at one point for more than 60 investors with at least $ 100,000 each.

85% of Italian banks use blockchain to verify transactions
Italian banks are transitioning from legacy interbank reconciliation infrastructure to Rord Corda blockchain, and 85% of them have already made the transition.

As many as 55 Italian banks, representing 85 percent of the total, already use the blockchain platform to transfer data. The bank-specific platform was developed by NTT Data, and SIA operates a banking technology company.