Bitcoin’s realized ceiling is now $ 43 billion above its 2017 high.
Bitcoin Realized Capitalization Exceeds 2017 Record

Cryptocurrency market data aggregator Glassnode has released data showing that Bitcoin’s real capitalization is currently $ 115 billion – $ 43 billion more than its all-time high in 2017. Bitcoin’s current market capitalization of $ 190 billion suggests that bitcoin holders are currently making a combined 65% return.

Venezuela creates a “digital mining pool” to control the entire hash power of the country
The Venezuelan government is creating a state-owned mining pool.

Venezuela’s mining industry now has its own regulatory framework.
The legal document has been published in the Official Gazette and has already entered into force. This will be the first law specifically created to regulate the cryptocurrency mining sector in the country.

Crypto Firms Invest in Dune Analytics, which raised $ 2 million in seed round
Several crypto firms and DeFi angels have invested in Dune Analytics

Several crypto firms and DeFi angels have invested in Dune Analytics, a Norwegian data analysis firm Ethereum, which, according to the announcement, raised $ 2 million in a seed round. The funding round was spearheaded by Dragonfly Capital and other venture capital firms.

Gemini crypto exchange launches in the UK.
Crypto exchange and custodian Gemini launched in the UK as part of their global expansion plans.

UK residents can now deposit British Pounds using debit cards or bank transfers to buy cryptocurrency through Gemini. The exchange supports the UK Expedited Payment Scheme, SWIFT, a clearinghouse automated payment system and wire transfers as payment methods.
Gemini launches in the UK

Huobi Launches Trading App In Russia Despite Strict Cryptocurrency Regulations
Huobi has released its mobile cryptocurrency trading app for the Russian market.

In recent news, Russia has adopted new cryptocurrency trading and mining rules, which say it will not allow its citizens to use cryptocurrency as a means of payment for any goods or services from 2021. However, Huobi seems to remain committed to its plans to expand the market in Russia despite these new, tighter crypto regulations. Huobi’s expansion may be due to the fact that Russia is the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency adoption provider in Eastern Europe, according to a study by crypto research firm Chainalysis.
Huobi Launches Trading App in Russia

Bitcoin ETF Launches in Bermuda
Bitcoin ETF will appear on the Bermuda Stock Exchange.

The Bermuda Stock Exchange announced that it has approved the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF on its trading platform. This ETF is a joint venture with Hashdex, a Brazilian fund manager, and the US stock exchange Nasdaq.

SEC Stops Bidding for Blockchain Company Run by Former Ron Paul Employee
Vortex Blockchain Technologies Inc has received a temporary suspension of trading from the SEC.

The U.S. Securities Regulatory Service has temporarily suspended trading in Vortex Blockchain Technologies shares until October 6. The Securities and Exchange Commission cited confusion over the nature of Vortex’s business and the value of their assets as the reason for the suspension.

DeFi Firewall Designed to Make the Market Safe for Institutional Traders
Trustology has announced a DeFi firewall to protect clients from interacting with unauthorized protocols.

Trustology announced the release of New Smart Contract Security, a firewall designed to only interact with proven secure DeFi smart contracts from TrustVault storage. Trustology is a digital asset provider that helps institutions and other large companies store their cryptocurrencies in highly secure hardware modules with additional features like additional insurance and account recovery options.
DeFi Firewall

Bears reign as 86% of $ 284M September CME options are worthless
The bitcoin price is down and the $ 284 million CME BTC options expire on Friday.

CME Bitcoin options totaling $ 100 million expire on Friday. 58% of these are call options, meaning buyers can purchase BTC futures at a fixed price.

Robinhood Closes $ 660 Million Series G Funding
Robinhood raised an additional $ 460 million for Series G closed funding.

Robinhood advertises the valuation after receiving $ 11.7 billion in cash. Investors include Andreessen Horowitz, DST Global, Sequoia, Ribbit Capital, 9Yards Capital, and D1 Capital Partners.
Robinhood now has over 13 million users, according to Finance Magnates, with an average age of around 30. The app allows users to buy and sell stocks without paying a commission, but offers educational materials to help users better understand how to invest.