Bitcoin Consolidates Profits, Why A Close Below $ 17.5k Could Be Significant
The bitcoin price rose to $ 18,500 before correcting downward against the US dollar.

On November 18, there was a sharp rise in the price of bitcoin above the $ 17,500 resistance level. BTC climbed more than 10% and even broke the $ 18,000 level. The price traded to a new multi-month high of around $ 18,500 before starting a sharp decline.

Ethereum Struggling Below $ 485 Why 100 SMA Is The Key
Ethereum surged to nearly $ 495 but failed to test $ 500 against the US dollar.

Ethereum rallied above the $ 480 and $ 485 resistance levels but failed to test the $ 500 barrier.
A recent low formed around the $ 470 level and a recent high around $ 482. The price is currently declining and trading below the $ 480 level. It is testing the $ 476 support or 50% Fibonacci retracement level of the recent wave from $ 470 low to $ 482 high.

Binance Sues In US Against Forbes And Two Cryptocurrency Journalists
Cryptocurrency Exchange Claims “Millions of Dollars” in Losses

Gold Prices Fall As Pfizer Applies For Covid19 Vaccine Approval
News of Pfizer’s Intention to Apply for Emergency Vaccine Authorization to Distribute in the United States

News of Pfizer’s intention to apply for authorization has had a devastating impact on the price of gold as it plunged 0.4% on the spot market to trade at around $ 1,876. The most notable decline occurred in gold-traded funds, which have lost 40 tonnes of metal since the vaccine permit was announced.

Base Protocol Announces Integration of Chainlink Live into the Core Network
Chainlink, a decentralized oracle provider, has had a pervasive impact on the cryptocurrency ecosystem lately.

The project, which has a new kind of synthetic crypto assets tied to the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies, announced that it has integrated Chainlink Live into its network.
Simply put, the protocol will now use the Chainlink decentralized oracle network to aggregate cryptocurrency market capitalization data.

Ethereum 2.0 deposit rates exceed 100,000 ETH as Dubai firm invests $ 10 million
With over 3,100 depositors, the total amount of ETH in the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract has exceeded 100,000.

Ethereum bulls are busy pumping their own cryptocurrency, the ETH network, like there isn’t tomorrow. So much so that the asset almost tested the $ 500 resistance. But what’s even more interesting is the gradual progress in placing bets on the Ethereum 2.0 launch.

Ethereum 2.0 rates exceed 100,000 ETH

Largest Financial Giant Mariner Wealth Advisors Will Start Offering Bitcoins
The firm’s clients will have access to the Eaglebrook Bitcoin SMA, which will allow them to directly own BTC in Gemini’s insured depo accounts.

Large financial company Mariner Wealth Advisors will begin offering Eaglebrook Bitcoin SMA to clients with an interest in the crypto asset.
According to the November 17 announcement, an international consulting firm with more than $ 35 billion in assets will allow financial advisors to place client funds in bitcoin.
Mariner Wealth Advisors Will Start Offering Bitcoins

Bitcoin ownership is becoming more centralized
Bitcoin whales now control an even larger share of the total Bitcoin supply

BitInfoCharts data shows that wallets with over 100 BTC account for 61.5% of the total. However, they represent only 0.04 percent of the total number of addresses. There are only 14,000 whales in the world that own so many coins.
More than 16 million addresses contain less than 0.001 BTC, which is almost 49 percent of all wallets in existence.

SushiSwap TVL Rises To $ 1 Billion Amid Growing Concerns Over Access To Funds
The Uniswap clone SushiSwap was the main beneficiary of the spin-off from the leading DEX.

When incentives for Uniswap’s liquidity mining ended on November 17, more than $ 1.7 billion in cryptocurrency backing left the protocol in favor of greener pastures. Much of this was invested in a DeFi clone SushiSwap, which has grown in total value 300% to over $ 1 billion according to

Dell-owned VMware Launches Enterprise Blockchain
VMware, which brought in $ 10 billion in revenue last year, launched an enterprise-focused blockchain platform.

A major cloud computing and virtual machine company, VMware has launched VMware Blockchain for enterprises.
VMware Blockchain is now available for commercial use after testing by the Australian Stock Exchange. ASX intends to replace its current CHESS system with a new platform, although this was recently delayed until April 2023.
VMware Launches Enterprise Blockchain