Bitcoin price stabilizes at $29,000, settling above $32,000.
Polkadot is leading the market recovery along with crypto-assets such as Stellar.

Bitcoin is closing in stubborn resistance at $33,000 after solid support at $32,000. Short-term technical indicators suggest that the flagship cryptocurrency is in bullish hands. Moreover, overcoming the hurdle at the 100 simple moving average level.
The bullish momentum of the moving average convergence indicator confirms the ongoing uptrend. In addition to the recent buy signal, the MACD has crossed the line above the average, adding credence to the bullish outlook.
Polkadot is off to potentially huge growth, expecting highs above $20. The optimistic outlook comes after the token dropped to $10.5. The recovery continues, with bulls gaining ground above $13.

Coinbase Commerce accepts Dogecoin as the payment method
E-commerce platform Coinbase has officially announced that it will accept Dogecoin as a payment method.

Dogecoin has become the fifth cryptocurrency supported by Coinbase Commerce, after Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD Coin.
Thanks to the stimulus from these bullish factors, Dogecoin is up 5.95% in 24 hours.
Coinbase, as one of the leading U.S. cryptocurrency exchanges, has always shown a friendly attitude toward Dogecoin. Back on June 2 this year, Coinbase announced that Dogecoin would be available for trading in Coinbase Pro accounts.
Coinbase accepts Dogecoin

Visa acquires Ripple customer currency
Payments giant Visa is set to acquire Currencycloud for customer RippleNet, which will improve cross-border payments for banks and fintech

In a recent press release, the global payments giant Visa announced its plan to acquire Currencycloud, a global cross-border payments platform powered by RippleNet.
The two companies are already working together, and Visa values Currencycloud at a whopping 700 million pounds; that’s $962,780,000.
Payments giant Visa intends to capitalize on this acquisition by using Currencycloud to extend it to improved fintech solutions and reach many new partners, as well as provide new use cases and payment flows.
Visa acquires customer currency Ripple

Ripple rolls on the runway, preparing for final takeoff to $1
The XRP price rebounded from $0.52 support, opening the way to $0.6.

The price of Ripple rose slightly after a sell-off earlier this week. The cross-border money transfer lexemes lost a significant amount of their value, resulting in a bearish leg stretching from $0.6 to $0.52. A cryptocurrency market decline of more than 10 percent is unsurprising, but the same in another industry would leave an imperfect and unwelcome storm.
Meanwhile, the price of XRP appears to have risen this week, suggesting that international money transfers will end the week in the black. Ripple is hovering around $0.59 and is looking forward to trading above $0.6 in the near term.
XRP Price Update.

219.3 million XRP transferred to Bitstamp, as XRP approaches $0.6
An amount close to 220 million XRP has been transferred to the Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange

Popular blockchain tracking platform Whale Alert reported that two tranches totaling nearly 220 million XRP tokens were transferred to Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp in the last 16 hours.
U.Today previously reported that 84.3 million XRP were transferred by Bybit to Binance, while Coinbase cryptocurrencies moved 83 million XRP coins between their wallets.
219.3 million XRP transferred to Bitstamp

India’s central bank will issue CBDC in phases: deputy governor
Reserve Bank of India, India’s central bank is planning a phased rollout of digital currencies issued by the central bank.

The phased deployment plan has been discussed in light of changes needed in national currency exchange rules and information technology laws.
India’s central bank, like many other central banks, plans to issue its own sovereign digital currency in the near future. Early plans indicate that CBDC will focus on merchant and retail payments. The government plans to launch several pilots before phasing in.
The deputy governor also said that RBI has made significant progress in the early stages of development and is currently evaluating CBDC’s scope, underlying technology, and verification mechanisms.
India’s central bank will issue CBDCs in phases

JPMorgan opens Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum Funds to retail customers
JPMorgan Chase has opened access to various cryptocurrency funds for all of its asset management clients.