DCA Live: Bitcoin, ETF’s & Impact, Rotation, Web3, PlanB Retracement, Celsius and more

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0:00 Edutainment and Not FInancial Advice

0:30 The Market

4:20 ETF Q’s
Why is the SEC approving a Bitcoin futures ETF before a spot ETF?
Will the future etf make btc more prone to manipulation like silver and gold?
If we expect GBTC to convert to an ETF in the next year, does it make sense to buy GBTC for now with the discount and flip for BTC after the discount is gone?

8:25 PLanB 80%

12:30 Fave Web 3 Project

15:00 When to Stop DCA’ing into BTC?

20:15 Best Time to Convert ETH to BTC

26:20 Time to Rotate out of Slow Movers?
Time to rotate out of slow movers like Cardano #ADA or patiently wait to gradually sell out at target exit points? How long should one wait?

30:00 Inter-Blockchain Communication IBC
the Future?

31:20 Hi Stakes (DVPN dow 25% 19days BTC + 40%
Opinion on projects with high inflation (60%) + high staking APR (80%), 1y old. Btc at that time was 209% inflation per annum). Examples: DVPN and Osmosis.

36:00 All in on Celsius

37:00 Q&A