Earn Free Bitcoin in 2021 (5 Legit Ways) Earn 1 BTC – No Investment

Earn Free Bitcoin in 2021 (5 Legit Ways) Earn 1 BTC – No Investment
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► Method 5, Fold App. In the times of Covid-19, the world went online using the means of technology for their daily life needs. This helped them in respecting the Sop’s to avoid the deadly virus. The Fold App deals with the purchasing of gift cards for your favourite shops through which you feel comfortable while online shopping.

The Fold App offers the buying of gift cards for popular shops like Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Walmart, and many more. For just trying it out, you get like 30,000 free Satoshis immediately.
Surely, you won’t see some bitcoins in your digital wallet if you install this app either through google play store or apple store. Also, there are no bitcoins for those who are thinking that they have to download the app and recommend five of their friends to install the app so that you can have the bitcoins. All of these things are for stubborn people, and I’m once again telling you to avoid such cracks, or you’ll see yourself blocked on some’s phone. I’m speaking all this from personal experience.

► Method 4 Earning through Coinbase Account. To have a complete understanding, knowledge of cryptocurrency is necessary.

Cryptocurrency is a source of digital money present in the form of a computerized database. They can be used as a medium of exchange during transactions secured by cryptography records.

Coinbase is a digital platform which deals with the cryptocurrency like bitcoins. On the platform of Coinbase, a person can get paid in the form of cryptocurrency by doing crypto courses based on a handful of old coins. Further, this comes with great benefits and minimum efforts. 

►Method 3 Crypto Website. I guess most of you didn’t hear of this, and let me give you a demo. Crypto dot com is the biggest crypto card company that deals in selling, buying, and paying with crypto like bitcoins.

For Those people who want to cash their bitcoins in moments at anytime, crypto cards are the ones they should get. A person can utilize the crypto cards wherever Visa is acceptable, which is nearly in every shopping store or organization. 

►Method 2 Usage of Brave Browser. Do you know that you have been wasting thousands of dollars for many years? Most of you will be thinking of me as a fool, but I’m going to share some information that will make you crazy. While using browsers like Google, Opera, Firefox, and many others, you have seen some ads displaying in the window beside your searched blogs or articles. In addition, these bowsers ask for access at the start, due to which they can track your activities and information. 

Coming towards the earning point, you can enable the ads on your searched blogs or any other site through setting. You’ll get about 70 percentage money of the total advertisement amount paid by the advertisers. The reward is added in the form of BAT every month, which is an ERC token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. You can convert these BAT into Bitcoins by using Brave partner Uphold for free and free bitcoins will be yours. 

►Method 1 Lolli Extension. No…No… it isn’t the thing you are thinking already. Take your mind of those lollipops and ice lollies. I have been craving for their taste but the lockdown has forbidden it. We have to ignore them and consider our purpose. Lolli is a Google Chrome browser extension that allows the user to earn free bitcoins. It happens when you shop at any of Lolli’s partner merchants and bingo! Free bitcoins in your digital wallet as a cashback. 

The workers with Lolli provide you some credit in the form of free bitcoins for having the products in bundles. The interesting thing is that you can get about 30 percent cashback in the form of free bitcoins if you shop with Lolli. The link for Lolli is available in the description. Add it and earn. This makes some unwanted household shopping quite interesting as there’s a secret purpose behind it, which is…Free Bitcoins!

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