Google & Baidu Search for Bitcoin Hit Highest Volume Since November Following Bull Rally

As soon as Bitcoin hits $5000 figures, the search volume of ‘Bitcoin as keyword’ on Google and Baidu search engines also hit at the highest level. Although Bitcoin might not out of a bear zone yet, the new figure is definitely a welcome call for other market enthusiasts.

Bitcoin on Baidu Search Engine

Reportedly, Bitcoin is recently the hottest crypto on Baidu, a Chinese search engine and the world’s ninth-largest internet company by revenue. It was reported on April 04 by cnLedger media;

Bitcoin on Baidu
Source: Twitter

However, its worth to note that China was the among the first countries that had imposed severe regulations on Crypto – nevertheless, it has recently approved 197 firms to serve blockchain solutions, noting that Alibaba and Baidu is also one such approved list of 197 firms.

Baidu is famously known as China’s Google and its quite clear that the mounting price of Bitcoin influenced the interest among masses.

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Bitcoin on Google Search Engine

Beside Baidu, Bitcoin search on Google is also hitting the peak volume. Per the Google trend report analyzed by Coingape for the period Jan 01, 2019 to April 05, 2019, the search volume for ‘Bitcoin’ as search term worldwide is increasing.

Bitcoin on Google Search Engine
Source: Google Trends

To make it clear, Google trend doesn’t provide the exact number of searches on a keyword but looking at the graph, it’s apparent that the bull alert led to an interest in Bitcoin by masses across the world. In fact, the graph took the upward turn since April 01, 2019 when the price of Bitcoin move to $4900 and $5000 figure against the US Dollar. Nevertheless, the top countries where Bitcoin’s interest is renewed over the past 4 months are Nigeria, South Korea, St. Helena, Ghana, and the Netherlands.


Source: Google Trends

Bitcoin Runs on Bull Rally

Bitcoin’s rally towards positive figure is still running – as such, today’s value is up with almost 1% (i.e 0.98%) over the past 24 hours. At press time, Bitcoin is trading at $5024 against US Dollar and gaining momentum in terms of market capitalization as well, which counts at $88,584,361,167.

Bitcoin on Coinmarketcap
Source: CoinmarketCap

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