How 'Bitcoin Jesus' Is Pushing Bitcoin Cash

How ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Is Pushing Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver has long been known as a controversial proponent of bitcoin, but is he shifting his focus?

‘Bitcoin Jesus’ is Bullish on Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver, aka “Bitcoin Jesus,” prefers Bitcoin Cash as the global cryptocurrency when compared to Bitcoin, for its ease of use.

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Bitcoin Cash And The Digital Fool’s Gold

Bitcoin Cash v. Bitcoin (v. Ethereum?). A few notes on why an investment in Bitcoin Cash is warranted. Technological advancement, scientific research, hard fork

Bitcoin Cash and EOS Drop 13% as Cryptocurrency Market Sheds $30 Billion Overnight

The cryptocurrency market has dropped by more than $30 billion overnight, from $408 billion to $377 billion. Major cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, and Cardano dropped in the 5 to 13 percent region, with Bitcoin Cash and EOS dropping 11 pe…

SegWit Adoption Outpacing That of Bitcoin Cash, Claims BitMEX Report

According to a recent report by BitMEX, the number of Bitcoin transactions being processed using SegWit has been consistently higher than the number of Bitcoin Cash transactions processed. However, the total gap between the two is only around 20 percent. SegW…

Will the Real Bitcoin Please Stand Up?

The Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash battles are heating up.

Lawsuit targets over alleged Bitcoin Cash deceptive practices

A class action lawsuit is being pursued against and owner Roger Ver for deceptive practices and potential losses due to the way both the site and Ver have promoted bitcoin-spinoff Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a fork, that is a cryptocurrenc…

Bitcoin ABC Patches Critical Vulnerability in Bitcoin Cash Mining Software

Cryptocurrency development team Bitcoin ABC has released a patch to address a critical vulnerability in bitcoin cash mining software. According to Bitcoin ABC’s incident report, the vulnerability would have allowed an attacker to initiate a split in the bitco…

Alexa disses Bitcoin Cash: ‘Everyone knows Bitcoin is the real Bitcoin’

Bitcoin Cash fans are known to hound anyone who would challenge their claim of being the real Bitcoin – and the latest one to take a dig at the BCH gang is none other than Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. Twitter user Kunani has shared a video where he asks Al…