HOW MUCH I MADE WITH Cryptotab Pro for 5 days mining

#Bitcoin #Btc #Cryptocurrency
In the video, we visit My CryptoTab Pro Mining farm using 2 Desktops (20K Hashrate) and 6 mobile phones (16.5k Hashrate). Earning an average of $60+ A Month | $2+ A Day.

Profit Summary (Day 1 – 5)

Account 1 – x1 (no boost)
DAY 1 – 0.00002117 Satoshi
DAY 2 – 0.00002324 Satoshi (207 Satoshi+)
DAY 3 – 0.00002522 Satoshi (198 Satoshi+)
DAY 4 – 0.00002769 Satoshi (247 Satoshi+)
DAY 5 – 0.00002995 Satoshi (226 Satoshi+)

Account 2 – x2 (boost)
DAY 1 – 0.00003455 Satoshi
DAY 2 – 0.00003870 Satoshi (415 Statoshi+)
DAY 3 – 0.00004320 Satoshi (450 Statoshi+)
DAY 4 – 0.00004761 Satoshi (441 Statoshi+)
DAY 5 – 0.00005212 Satoshi (451 Statoshi+)

Account 3 – x2 (boost & 2 PC with Ryzen 3600)
DAY 1 – 0.00014621 Satoshi
DAY 2 – 0.00016257 Satoshi (1,636 Statoshi+)
DAY 3 – 0.00018123 Satoshi (1866 Statoshi+)
DAY 4 – 0.00019967 Satoshi (1844 Statoshi+)
DAY 5 – 0.00021910 Satoshi (1943 Statoshi+)

disclaimer : crypto currencies investment is subject to risk. Best platform suggestions in not mean that coin price cannot be decreased in future however there are more chances to grow Please invest on your own risk.

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