How to buy Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency the Ultimate Step by Step Guide Tutorial 2019 2020 UK EU USA CAN

Reuploaded 🙂 had to edit something!

Welcome to the ultimate guide to purchasing cryptocurrency, make sure you follow this tutorial thoroughly especially if you’re a beginner. So during the making of the video Coinbase increased the fees by quite some margin but unfortunately I had already created more than 70% of the tutorial at that time.

You can watch the video with the full guide here:

We will go through the entire process with the following steps.

1. Understand the requirements and important information before purchasing Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency
2. Choose and create a wallet that’s suitable for you.
3. Buy Cryptocurrency from an exchange.
4. Send your cryptocurrency from the Exchange to your wallet (that you create in step 2)
5. Send your crypto back to the exchange from your wallet
6. Sell you Cryptocurrency for Fiat currency (Your local currency) and withdraw back in to your Bank account.

Useful Links and downloads:

Coinbase: –

Exodus wallet –
Trust wallet (mobile only) –

Hardware wallets:
Ledger Nano Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Trezor T hardware wallet

Hope you enjoy this tutorial and hope you learn something!

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