How to Retire on Bitcoin by 2030 or sooner #2021 Edition

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How to Retire on Bitcoin by 2030

The BTC you need to support your lifestyle – a theoretical study.

This video explains in a simple manner how to retire on Bitcoin. It takes all matters into account and is the ultimate Bitcoin retirement guide on the web.

The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

0:00 Introduction
1:40 Bitcoin Supply Update note Treasuries doubled since my “How to Retire on BTC Part I” 94% of the world’s 50M millionaires will not be able to be “whole coiners”
3:20 700 new BITCOIN millionaires minted every day in 2021 ….so far
3:45 Less than 100,000 people own 10 or more Bitcoins 94% of the world’s millionaires will not be “whole coiners” unless retail sells
4:10 Fun Rankings Where Do You Rank?
4:30 Only need 0.24 BTC to be in the top 1% of all Bitcoin owners
5:00 The Power of Compounding BTC Returns Log scale
6:00 BTC 10-Year RETURN on $100 Starting Date 2.18.2011 Ending 2.18.2021 Total Return 5,215,512% Annualized Return 296% Ending Value $5,215,612 BTC 10-Year RETURN on $100 Starting Date 2.18.2011 Ending 2.18.2021 Total Return 4,477,969 Annualized Return 191% Ending Value $4,478,069 BTC Returns – $100 Invested 10 Yrs Ago ADJUSTED FOR INFLATION
7:00 Inflation Will Increase Prices
8:00 BTC Forecast: based on gains from first 6 weeks 2021 BITCOIN RETURN In FIRST 6 WKS 2021
8:30 BTC Forecast: based on 10 yrs avg annualized gains AVG BITCOIN RETURN OVER LAST 10 YEARS
9:00 Bitcoin Accumulation Checklist Buy $63 worth to get above-median Calculate your net worth, use my model to calculate your Bitcoin insurance Get above-median ownership ie owning more than half the owners of Bitcoin (ex 0.037 BTC costing you $1,850 today) Get into the 1% club owning more than 0.24 10:00 BTC to own more than 99% of all other BTC owners Allocate what you can and dollar cost avg into Bitcoin More Than Avg Person BTC 14,000,000 Population 7,674,000,000BTC per person 0.001824341934 More than avg person $91.22 Note price at 50K today
10:30 Median BTC Ownership Today $1,295 from 25M people BTC 0.037
11:00 The 1% Club Cost If you own 0.24 BTC, you will own more than 99% of the world!
12:00 My Conservative Bitcoin Price Prediction Model (42x)
13:00 Global BTC Retirement Plans Let’s do some crunching!
13:30 Lifestyle and Risk Profile This assumes: 2x avg local monthly income Cost of living index US salary base modified by the cost of living index Purchasing power index Bull Cycles Bull cycles will even out over 10 years Inflation assumed 3% BTC appreciation assumed 5% post-2030 Taxes not accounted for assuming people will find tax free solutions over the next decade
13:50 Cayman Islands
16:02 United States
17:00 Australia
17:11 United Kingdom
17:40 Portugal
18:00 Panama
18:15 Costa Rica
18:20 Singapore
18:35 Mexico
18:40 Colombia
18:50 Indonesia
19:00 Thailand
20:00 How Far Will 1 Bitcoin Take Me in 2030? $623,197per BTC
21:00 Risk Factors Bitcoin goes to zero Gets confiscated Is banned Incurs special taxes eg URCG Double spend Quantum hack Theft or loss due to negligence
22:30 Conclusion Part 1 Will Bitcoin Survive? The bitcoin network protocol is a miraculous piece of encryption and code. In my opinion, there are threats such as Government Bans albeit hard to enforce. Other risks include quantum computing hacks but I believe the protocol will be robustified with quantum-proof encryption before 2030.
22:50 Conclusion Part 2 Bitcoin Supply is simply so scarce the only way is up. Even in Bear Markets I believe impact of halvening is falling and with advent of institutions, there will be fewer weak hands.
23:00 Conclusion Part 3
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