How To Sell Bitcoin and Ethereum with Revolut, Coinbase and GDAX Ultimate Guide

How To Sell Bitcoin and Ethereum with Revolut, Coinbase and GDAX Ultimate Guide

Why this way?

A lot of normal banks aren’t crypto friendly – Revolut allows you to create your own crypto friendly bank account with debit card that’s accepted anywhere where usual debit cards are available. It’s great for travelling because it converts currencies in real time with no fees. This means you can sell in Euro and then use it in your country even if it doesn’t use Euros.

Using GDAX limit order feature to sell Bitcoin or Ethereum has no fees. Great if you want to sell significant amount.

GDAX allows you to transfer your money for free to your Coinbase account where you can send it to your Revolut account. I think you can do transfer from GDAX too but haven’t tried it.

Whole process is actually quite simple.

1) Create and activate accounts on Revolut, Coinbase and GDAX.
2) Make sure all accounts have KYC done.
3) Send SEPA transfer (5 Euro) from Revolut to Coinbase. Make sure to include reference number provided by Coinbase.
4) Wait for Coinbase to confirm your transfer – your Revolut and Coinbase accounts should be linked once this happens.
5) Send the BTC/ETH you want to sell to GDAX.
6) Put limit sell order on GDAX for Euros and sell your holdings this way.
7) Transfer Euros from GDAX to Coinbase. It’s free and instant. I believe you can do SEPA from GDAX but haven’t tried that personally.
8) On Coinbase you go to your Euro wallet and do SEPA to your Revolut account.
9) Your money should arrive in few days.


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Love you but keep in mind that this is not a financial advice!