Is Cloud Mining Worth it in 2021?

Is Cloud Mining worth it in 2021? Many people called Genesis Mining a cloud mining scam, but what if a cloud mining provider built their own GPU mining rigs? Let’s review OXBTC cloud mining the producer of Pandaminers! Subscribe to VoskCoin –

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Is cloud mining worth it in 2021? Is cloud mining profitable in 2021? Should you purchase cloud mining contracts?! Cloud mining with everyone was super profitable in 2017, as cryptocurrency was on a crazy bullrun but after the market cooled off many people called Genesis Mining a scam and HashFlare a scam because when mining was not profitable they simply cancelled their Bitcoin cloud mining contracts, Ethereum cloud mining contracts, and Monero cloud mining contracts. OXBTC is one of the oldest cloud mining companies and are associated with Pandaminer who build their own custom GPU mining rigs which power a lot of their Ethereum mining contracts with the Pandaminer B3 and the Pandaminer B7. OXBTC offers BTC cloud mining and ETH cloud mining and what is very surprising is that they also offer Filecoin cloud mining which has become incredibly popular and profitable in China although the cost to build Filecoin mining rigs can be very expensive.

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0:00 Is cloud mining profitable in 2021?
1:33 GPU & Crypto Mining rig profitability
2:55 Is OXBTC the best for cloud mining in 2021?
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6:45 What does Cloud Mining cost?
9:09 How to use OXBTC
10:26 How profitable is cloud mining in 2021?
11:24 Did I make money Cloud Mining?
13:06 What are your thoughts on OXBTC?

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