New Free Bitcoin Cloud Mining Site 2021 + 1000 Ghs free – Without Investment Earn FREE Bitcoin

JUNE 2021 UPDATE: V2 is also back
Password: 123456

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Key features:
– Instant market buy. The moment you type in the coin name and your order amount, the coin is instantly bought in under a second, which saves you precious seconds so you can get into the pump before the normies do.
– Stop loss. Worried you might lose too much if things go south? You can easily set a stop loss to limit your losses and exit out of the trade at your preset loss level.
– [NEW] Profit split. If you’re not sure exactly what level you’d like to cash out at, profit split makes it easier for you by deciding two separate cashout points. For example, you can cash out 50% of your position at a 30% profit, and the other 50% at a 100% profit. This way you can take safer gains while keeping your potential moonshot on luck.