NYSE & Bitcoin Crash in 3 days! US stock market, BTC price targets & Chart technical analysis – TA

I am expecting the NYSE to start crashing on or around 9/11/2020. As we all know bitcoin is correlated with both the US stock market and the Dollar Index / DXY. As the markets crash people will be jumping into the dollar as a hedge, this will cause the price of BTC to drop also bringing down the Dow Jones, S&P 500, gold, silver and just about every other asset class. I will be doing a live stream on Friday which will be 9/11 and Monday when the US markets open. Keep in mind we have a bitcoin CME futures gap above and below us. As most expect the btc gap below to get filled it seems more likely the price of bitcoin will pump to fill the gap above first. Don’t forget whales and exchanges make their money liquidating longs and shorts to taking the contrarian view is sometimes the best play.

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This is not financial advice! these are only my views and opinions of where I think the market may be headed. Crypto Currency is a very risky asset, always do your own research before ever considering investing or making a trade.

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