Paying HYIP 2020 Daily Update – 7/29/2020 – COMEX Trades Pros and Cons and More!

7/29/2020 Paying Legit and Paying HYIP Update! In this video, I will focus on COMEX Trades… like talking about the Pros and Cons of this HYIP! And why it could be out best option for now compared to others…

But of course, we should not focus on a single program, we should spread our eggs!

Daily updates — Please guys watch for my daily updates because a paying HYIP today might not be a paying HYIP tomorrow.

Legit and Paying HYIP 2020 – Daily Update

1. COMEX Trades – Manual Payout – 2.1% for 20 days – Capital return – $10 –

2. Bank of TRON – Instant, Smart Contract – 3.7% to 6.7% daily
In order to invest in TRON, download TronWallet first and fund your TRX Wallet
Tutorial –

Bank of Tron link –

3. Spark Earn – Instant – 12% daily for 12 days, capital included

4. Crypto300Club – Manual – now, 22% for 8 days, half on weekends…

5. Loan Tech – Manual, fast on weekdays – 3% for life, option to withdraw 34% of loan amount on the 22nd day

6. Ex Bonds – Instant / Manual – 4% daily for 50 days

8/1/2020 — Crypto Mining Biz is already SCAM!!! Beware!!!!
7. Crypto Mining Biz – Instant – 3.6% daily for 48 months

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, I am only sharing my personal experiences here… so, be careful, do your own research too. A paying HYIP today might not be paying tomorrow. HYIP could run away anytime from us. Investing on HYIPs is very RISKY! RISKY! RISKY!