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PinkPanda Finance is creating a non-custodial, mobile-first wallet and a decentralized exchange that supports leverage trading up to 5 times, advanced order types, and a seamless ability to trade on the Binance Smart Chain. PinkPanda is also registered as a C Corp in Dela ware under the name Pink Panda Holdings, Inc. Their service token for the PinkPanda Exchange, $PINKPANDA, was launched on May 29, 2021. The community has grown to more than 10,000 holders and the team has met all the milestones on their roadmap, including launching their mobile app and releasing multiple updates.
PinkPanda, founded by Adam Carlton, is supported and advised by a group of experienced executives and boasts a team of cryptocurrency-focused developers with a total combined experience of more than 50 years in developing cutting-edge technology.

The BSC has quickly grown as a major player in the crypto marketplace, with its low fees making it an ideal haven for decentralized finance tokens. Despite its success, the BSC still lacks sophisticated tools, the difficulty of acquiring Binance’s native token is high, and poorly designed wallets limit access to space.
PinkPanda will be the global on-ramp to DeFi, with aspirations to attract millions of new users to DeFi investing. The way they plan to achieve this is by solving for the lack of sophisticated tools. Both the decentralized exchange and the wallet will be beautifully polished and easy to use, making PinkPanda a gateway to mass cryptocurrency adoption.

$PINKPANDA aims to be a token with real utility. It is not one that is supported solely by hype and advertisement, but one that will be uplifted by its use-case. The token will allow people to use the wallet and DEX, which will have a commission expressed in $PINKPANDA.

The token has already launched on Pancakeswap and has garnered over 10,000 holders, almost 5,000 mobile installs, and rave reviews from influencers. It has a transaction fee of 10%, half of which is redistributed to holders and the other half is locked into the liquidity pool to reduce volatility.

PinkPanda will follow the Mango Markets approach and require an initial collateral ratio of 120% and a supporting collateral ratio of 110%. If the user’s collateral ratio falls below 110%, the account will be liquidated. The value of the account will be calculated using a decentralized oracle. Anyone can manage the liquidator with the ability to make a profit.

The interest rate is a function of the utilization rate: the total amount borrowed by all users divided by the total amount deposited by all users. The interest rate will rise slowly when the utilization rate reaches 70% but will rise quickly above that level to encourage the market to invest more.

In addition to the tech, the PinkPanda team is building a global community. They are hyper-focused on community engagement at every stage of the project. Both the team and community are a collection of active developers, traders, and crypto enthusiasts who are rapidly working to transform the BSC into a more mature ecosystem. PinkPanda already has groups in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, and many others. Following the spirit of charity, PinkPanda has already donated $6,000 worth of cryptocurrency between the American Cancer Society and the GO2 Lung Cancer Foundation.

The PinkPanda trading platform, scheduled to launch in 2022, will have an order book with limited orders and advanced order types such as sliding stop losses. It will also support trading with up to 5 times leverage/spot margin. Pinkpanda’s margin trading structure is inspired by other in-network spot margin trading protocols, notably Solana’s Mango Markets and Aave Ethereum. Unlike other trading platforms, PinkPanda will include liquidation protection algorithms and other end-user protections that many centralized exchanges do not offer.

The app will offer more than just being a wallet and DEX. Users can get notifications about upcoming project news, milestones, and community events, contests, in-app competitions, and a vote on which charity the company will donate to next as well as fully participate in token governance. There will also be charting capabilities for users’ entire BSC Portfolios.