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STC is the main token of the Student Coin project – which allows you to create your own tokens without technical knowledge.
What makes StudentToken STC better than other similar tokens is that it targets the most active audience in the global economy – students.
As we know, students are the next generation of employees who will take companies to the next technological and financial level. To give young people better education, we need to make university education more affordable. But this is not always possible. Reducing tuition would lead to cuts in institutional budgets, on the quality of research, programs, and faculty fees.
Until now, bank loans have been the main solution for students. However, with the unpredictable economy in most countries, people have lost confidence in banking services.
The international Student Coin team came up with an effective solution that decentralizes student lending through crowdfunding and personal tokens.

STC was started in 2018 as an idea to create an educational token for the Kapitalni Student Investors Club at Kozminski University in Warsaw. However, the first token was created under the name “ALK Student Coin.” However, distributed to club members and university students in December 2019 and January 2020.
Moreover, the project was appreciated by many, and 100 student ALK coins were sent to hundreds of holders, originally intended for only one student club. After a successful launch and discussions with Kozminski University’s president, the STC team decided to expand the project to more institutions.

In addition, STC began comparing its project to the early days of Facebook, when social media spread from university to university. STC removed “ALK” to improve branding.
Subsequently, the company created a website and began preparing an educational panel where students could learn about the principles of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and cybersecurity.
Moreover, Student Coin aims to introduce students to cryptocurrency. It creates a platform for the easy creation of personal and financial tokens. In addition, Student Coin connects with 500+ of the world’s top universities.
The Student Coin blockchain project allows students, clubs, organizations, and others to issue six types of tokens :
Personal tokens – tokens tied to a single user;
Organizational tokens – tokens issued with ties to an organization;
Startup tokens – tokens used to crowdfund a startup and reward users for their usability;
Decentralized funding tokens – assets that allow users to perform various financial services without involving third parties;
Corporate tokens – assets dedicated to a single company;
Non-Interchangeable tokens – unique tokens that, thanks to the use of blockchain technology, cannot be reproduced and allow easy verification of ownership.

The sale helps them raise the money they need to pay tuition. After students graduate and find a job, a portion of their salary is then used to repay the funds provided to them by STC holders. This allows students to avoid bank loans, helping STC token holders earn a return on their investments.
While the focus is on students, entrepreneurs can also use the platform along the same lines. STC token holders can vote on government proposals related to project development.
Student coins can be purchased through the STC Launchpad ICO. Users can join Launchpad and invest in an STC token. However, the STC token purchased will be immediately sent to the user’s Student Coin account.
The price of the STC token increases with each round until the 100th round. The ICO totaling more than $13,879,390 was raised from $500,000.
In addition, joining an ICO not only gives access to these tokens but also provides users with additional assets. Moreover, by recommending the ICO and sending a unique referral link, investors can earn 20% ETH invested by their friends. As well as 30% of their STC purchases. In addition, their friends will receive an additional 5% of their STC purchases.

Investors can also track their prices in real-time. What’s more, Launchpad will end on April 30, 2021. Investors can withdraw and trade tokens after the Launchpad ICO period ends.

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