Why We Will Get To The 250k Bitcoin Price Range Soon – Willy Woo

Why We Will Get To The 250k Bitcoin Price Range Soon – Willy Woo

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Bitcoin SuperCycle or the Last Bitcoin Cycle – Will Clement and Willy Woo

In this interview with Will Clement, Willy Woo shares his view on the present market structure and possible future movements. Here are the highlights of the video:

Contrary to what many think that we are in a bear market, we are indeed in a bull market, despite prices sliding down. The next major event is when the fundamentals squeeze the price section and we break out of the accumulation band right in the middle of a bull market like a bear shock that is now being shrugged off.

There are always a few pullbacks within a bull run. This is a weird one because it is a whale-powered pullback. This bull market is structured because we’ve got developed futures, derivatives, options, and large ETF instruments, and a little leverage in the system. All these are making the market more complicated.

The price is moving in rough and lopsided volatility, so it’s unsure what’s going to happen in the fourth quarter because many activities are going on and the model keeps changing.

While some analysts predict Bitcoin will hit $300,000 or $400,000 this year, others predict $157,000. But now, the high price sounds ludicrous but that’s what the model says. It’s unsure if we’ll get a squeeze this time around, although historically, we do squeeze. Squeezing means getting a very violent movie.

The bearishness started suddenly and it gained momentum partly because of the narrative being peddled that Bitcoin consumes fuel. China’s shutting down all the mining sites is also a big reason Bitcoin is falling. And it’ll take six months for all the miners to relocate their infrastructure to resume mining.

And although the pullback is 50%, Bitcoin has strong fundamentals. For example, El Salvador has loaded up 150 million for the trust and several sovereign funds and is considering looking at the accumulation. And this might be the last cycle.

Bitcoin as a monetary base of civilization is about to reset. People are looking at this as a long-term debt cycle. Money gets re-invented roughly every 100 years. But this is the real first reinvention of money since the agrarian revolution.

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Originally posted: July 10, 2021
Bitcoin Supercycle or the Last Bitcoin Cycle? | Will Clemente and Willy Woo | Pomp Podcast # 603


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