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NOTE: The auto subtitles can go a little sketchy and there may be some audio clipping due to copyright, however it’s still a good watch for any adidas enthusiast. Enjoy…

This documentary tells the story of Adidas. For the first time Horst Dassler is in focus, which is considered a pioneer of modern sports marketing.

But his methods are controversial. Critics also call him the “inventor of modern sports corruption.” Unpublished family footage and new documents paint a surprisingly different image of the major sporting goods manufacturer.

It all started with the brothers Adolf, called Adi, and Rudolf Dassler, the two legendary founders. In 1920, they set up their first craft business for running shoes and football boots. After the Second World War, unequal brothers broke up. Adidas and Puma are emerging as competing companies, only a few hundred meters apart in the tranquil town of Herzogenaurach. Fiercely, the brothers fight for supplier contracts, market shares and patents. The dispute is also being passed on to the next generation: Armin (Puma) and Horst Dassler (Adidas) continue to fight like their fathers, spinning intrigues and not shying away from bribery and spying.

While the documentary’s main focus was on the path of the founding fathers, the film also highlights for the first time the often underestimated role of Käthe Dassler, Adi’s wife, who came into conflict with her son Horst. The competition with Puma was replaced by a rift between Adidas Germany and the Horst-built offshoot in France, from which developed a parallel Adidas empire.

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