? Roger Ver Interview: CIA Infiltrated Bitcoin? Bitcoin Cash. 28000 BTC transactions with $1000 fee

Roger Ver and I discuss many topics.
00:09 Introduction + BTC transaction fees prediction.
01:30 Saint Kitts lockdown (stranded)
02:47 Renouncing US Citizenship & Taxes Funding War Machines
05:35 Puerto Rico vs Saint Kitts tax havens
06:46 Saint Kitts Bitcoin Cash Merchants
07:10 Purse.io saved from closing
07:37 Upcoming Bitcoin Bull Run Transaction Fee Predictions
08:37 $1000 BTC transaction fees (over 28,000 instances)
10:18 $100 BTC transaction fees (over 300,000 instances)
11:08 BTC has been slower than mailing physical gold. 2 week transaction delays.
12:37 Bitcoin Core developers WANT fees to be high
13:43 Bitcoin Censorship and Totalitarian Rule.
16:35 Bitcoin devs want to rewrite the whitepaper
17:00 CIA infiltration into Bitcoin since 2011. Social media manipulation.
20:16 Bitcoin is a threat to government scam models of tax and social security.
22:15 Why do BTC developers want high fees? Importance of cheap & fast user experience.
25:49 Merchants left Bitcoin due to high fees & slow transactions.
26:35 Deep state infiltration of BTC & Bitcoin ruled as “property” instead of as “money”.
28:00 Will BTC be #1 crypto in 5-10 years?
32:46 Miner Donation Fund (Bitcoin.com stance)
34:44 Earning Interest on Bitcoin Cash. Roger Pitches Idea for Offering Interest on BCH
37:21 What could APR rate look like for earning Interest on BCH? Compare with DASH, TEZOS, EOS.
38:40 Cash Fusion Privacy Today! Super Inexpensive.
42:52 Blockchain.Poker is also a Free BCH Faucet.
46:18 Blockchain.Poker Demo. BCH is #1 crypto in use on it.
48:11 Non-Privacy coins have a history (it’s like they are marked).
49:15 Cash Fusion Privacy Today! https://CashFusion.org
49:57 Roger’s Crypto Portfolio
51:15 A cryptocurrency’s utility is the key to its value.
51:57 Bitcoin.com new features (BTC to BCH Swap, New higher $10,000 daily buy limit, Merchants, Loans, Buy Gift Cards & Flights with BCH)
57:22 Think for Yourself
58:16 YouTube Censorship vs Bitcoin Censorship

● $55 average fee in Dec 2017

● BTC Transactions that have paid over $100 fee:

● BTC Transactions that have paid over $1,000 fee:

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Disclaimer: This video is not financial or investment advice. Do not buy, sell or trade cryptocurrency, or make any financial decisions based on the content of this video. I am merely sharing what I have done and what I would do in various situations as an educational tool only.

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