Best Crypto Trading Platform 2021 (Connected To A Swiss Bank)

This is a presentation of the sole and best crypto trading platform 2021 which is connected to a Swiss bank.
Mike Lüscher, a co-founder of the Honesto App,
shows the advantages of having access to 28 best known crypto exchanges.
The Honesto App gives immediate access to 28 crypto exchanges.
Normally, a trader has ca. 6 screens on his desk for finding the best possible bitcoin price.
With Honesto you have simultaneous access to 28 crypto exchanges.
You can pick up the best price when you buy your Bitcoin.
Honseto is one of the best bitcoin trading platform for beginners.

This is the first time in history that that a Swiss bank will be in the liability for your FIAT money and your crypto assets.
That means that it will never be a problem again if you lose the passwords for your wallet
because a Swiss bank is responsible for the storage.
Honesto App offers one of the best possible and most secure storage facilities in history
for FIAT money and Bitcoin or other crypto currencies.

The Honesto App is waiting for final approval from the financial watch dog.
The Honesto App will start working within a few weeks, after having received the final FMA approval (Financial Regulator in Liechtenstein, “Financial Watch-Dog”).


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The Honesto App will come very soon.

Why is the Honesto bitcoin trading platform so revolutionary?
The Honesto App is connected to a Swiss bank named Incore Bank.
That means that for your digital asset you become the best possible storage and the best Bitcoin price.
The safest way for your Bitcoin storage is to do it with a Swiss bank for obvious reasons.

The on-boarding process is fully online and free of charge.

If you want to check the best bitcoin trading platform 2021 and find out more,
you can do it here:

If you have a question connected to Swiss banks just send me an email:

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