BITCOIN BUBBLE EXPLAINED – Michael Saylor Bitcoin Price Prediction (100X) and BTC Bubble!

BITCOIN BUBBLE EXPLAINED – Michael Saylor Explains the Bitcoin bubble and Bitcoin Price Prediction (NEW) Is Bitcoin a Bubble?

In this video Michael Saylor explains the Bitcoin Bubble – even if you are the biggest advocate of bitcoin, if it looks like a Bubble and acts like a Bubble, it’s always good to take a good look at an investment and ask yourself if it is a bubble or if what you are seeing is a natural adoption curve.

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Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where we go over some recent on-chain Bitcoin data that suggests where the Bitcoin price is likely to go from here.
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About Michael Saylor:

Michael Saylor is the CEO of Microstrategy and him alongside Raoul Pal are spearheading the institutional investment wave into Bitcoin. Saylor we can thank for the famous Elon Musk and Tesla investment into Bitcoin.

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2:11 Fundamental Input DRIVING Bitcoin
4:42 Capital flowing from WEAK Assets to STRONG Assets
6:45 Bitcoin Volatility is a GOOD THING
10:19 Inflation, Interest rates effects on BTC
11:25 Bitcoin will continue to appreciate from technical utility
13:18 TrustSwap (SWAP) LaunchPad and VC for Crypto!
16:22 BULLISH Bitcoin on-chain data
17:05 Where does Bitcoin go from here??

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