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Vixes was created by crypto enthusiasts who believed in the future of cryptocurrencies. at the dawn of their appearance. After extensive work in this field a number of crypto miners in Australia teamed up to create a competitive company that would provide everyone with the favorable conditions for mining. Successful geographical location of the company and Australian economy have created favorable conditions for creating a mining farm in this country. Today Vixes is one of the market leaders on cryptocurrency mining who ready to provide its mining power for cryptocurrency mining to everyone One day we changed our life forever by choosing to move forward. We are open to every new partner who is looking for a reliable and easiest way to get cryptocurrency. Once we changed our lives for the better. Now it’s your turn.
The number of bitcoin whales with more than 1,000 BTC in their wallets is increasing and has now almost reached the number of 2,000 people. Major players are seriously interested in cryptocurrency and in Bitcoin. They buy Bitcoin en masse investing millions of dollars.
Bitcoin has become a solid investment device in 2020 and many companies understand this. Few days ago the provider of analytical software MicroStrategy made the third investment in Bitcoin. The company acquired 2,574 BTC, which cost it $ 50,000,000.
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