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?? Trading crypto is very risky. I do not recommend trading crypto without prior trading experience. Please understand the risks involved before using any of these affiliate links. It is your responsibility to comply with your regional laws. ??

⚠BE AWARE that NOT all platforms are available in all regions, consult a professional⚠


⭕️ PrimeXBT:
+ Leverage Site I Personally Use/Prefer

⭕️ Binance:
+ Most Alt Coins (10% Off Fees)
+ Non-US

⭕️ ByBit:
+ Upto $1500 bonus, Non-US Leverage Exchange

⭕️ KuCoin:

⭕️ 3commas:
+ Bot Trading Platform


+’The standard’ in Crypto

⭕️ Kraken:
+ US based Leverage & Spot Exchange
+ US-Friendly

⭕️ Changelly:
+ Accepts Credit & Debt Cards

+Non-Custodial Fiat Exchange


⭕️ Tradingview:
+ Most Important Tool For Trading

⭕️ BlockFi:
+ Earn APY On Crypto Deposits
+ US-Friendly

⭕️ VPN:
+ Securely Browse The Internet

⭕️ Ledger Hardware Wallets:
+ Best Hardware Wallets

⭕️ Atomic Wallet (phone/desktop):
+ My Choice For Software Wallet

⭕️ Brave Browser
+ Earn BAT Tokens While Securely Browsing The Internet

⭕️ Mining Rig Rentals:
+ Hashing Market Place

⭕️ Genesis Cloud Mining:
+ Trusted Cloud Mining Company


*IMPORTANT* Disclaimer:

This channel is a community, dedicated to our hobby and passion. We support eachother through emotional times and share in celebration together. We are interested in technical analysis and improving our skills by sharing experience. There are no members certified to give financial advice, please do not come here if that is what you are looking for.

Stream has an inherent delay. Lease do not use in place of price data from an exchange!

*** Nothing in this channel should ever be taken as financial advice. For entertainment purposes only. NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. UNDERSTAND THE RISK BEFORE TRADING. THIS STREAM IS ONLY TO SHARE MY PASSION FOR TECHNICAL ANALYSIS***