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Will #Bitcoin continue its parabolic trend and put in the best Q4 ever or are we due for a major correction? $BTC India & Iraq premiums, more $100k price targets, analyzing google trends, Binance DEX adds $USDSB, crypto news, and more!

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2:16 Markets 〽️
11:04 CME Futures Gap:
11:07 Best Q2 for BTC?
11:40 Google trends:
13:51 Bitcoin is a sleeping giant:
14:27 They mocked the telephone:
15:30 All the money in the world:
18:01 Bitcoin Pokemon Song:
18:43 Banning BTC won’t worn:
20:48 Bitcoin is the peoples money!
22:31 $100k BTC by 2021:
23:44 Binance DEX x USDSB:
24:24 SendFriend XRP update:
24:40 FLETA listing:
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