Coinolix Cryptocurrency Exchange Presentation video- #coinolix-exchange

Every day is another chance to change your life. You will never change
your life until you change something you do daily. We present you that
change in the form of “COINOLIX”. World class cryptocurrency
exchange in the present state of the art ecosystem, which includes CLX
coins,coinolix exchange and coinomia fiat coin (USD). The coinolix transactions
office will be located all around the world such as Estonia, Malta,
Europe and many more, without any doubt “COINOLIX” is one of the
best cryptocurrency exchange that provides BTC, ETH, USD, CLX,
As a trading market with a wide range of other cryptocurrencies like LITE coin, RIPPLE
coin, XRP etc… we handle 1.2 million transactions per second with one
million simultaneous users. COINOLIX exchange coin with the symbol (CLX)
& it can be used for trading fees in coinolix exchange up to 50% discount
on trade till 3 yrs and will be safe transparent and open community all around the world. Total supply of CLX coins will be 1
billion, out of which 500 million coins will be distributed during pre-sale
and crowd sale. First pre-sale of 100 million coins will be starting from
8th Oct to 7th Nov 2018 and the second phase of crowd sale would be from
8th Nov 2018 to 13th dec 2018. Adding 20% bonus on presale and crowd,
CLX coins will be sold as low as 0.20 USD and 0.25 USD respectively.
Users will have an opportunity to earn more rewards by referring funds via our affiliate programme during pre-sale and crowd sale , ClX will be purchased via ETHEREUM Smart Contract ( ETH ) So the transaction will be transparent & details would be available on ETHEREUM Blockchain of our Pre seal and crowd sale, Get great rewards by joining our community and following us on various social media.
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