Bitcoin Price Jumps To $ 10,800
Total Market Capitalization Recovers $ 12 Billion

Bitcoin leads the recovery phase with a 4% increase, followed by altcoins. Ethereum is up 6% and Chainlink is up 17%.
After several days of sharp price drops, the cryptocurrency market is in a state of recovery. Bitcoin is up from $ 10,300 to nearly $ 10,800, while Ethereum is trading above $ 340.

$ 208M in Bitcoin Moved Between Binance, OKEx and Anonymous Wallets
Binance receives BTC from OKEx, transfers them to anonymous wallets

A major cryptocurrency tracking bot on Twitter, Whale Alert, detected six consecutive transactions for a total of 20,293.
In three transactions, 9,888 BTC was transferred from OKEx to trading giant Binance, or approximately $ 101.9 million. Another three wires sent 10,405 BTC from Binance to three different anonymous wallets.
Earlier, Binance also conducted two transactions, in which 6778 BTC were sent to unknown Bitcoin wallets, and OKEx transferred $ 70.6 million to Binance.
Moving $ 208 Million in Bitcoin

120,000 BTC are at risk due to trading bot errors
120,000 people are at risk as the popular Spanish trading bot crashes.

The Spanish trading software company Arbicorp recently suspended a trading bot. This decision affected more than 32,000 customers who once deposited their money on this platform and now cannot withdraw it.

Valentus plans to raise $ 50 million through token sale
Valentus Capital plans to raise $ 50 million for its first fund through a token sale.

The token offering is expected to take place late this year or early next year, Reuters reported on Wednesday. The VAL1 token will allow investors to acquire a stake in Valentus Credit Opportunities Fund I.
The fund will target a total fundraising of $ 250 million and will tokenize only a fraction of that. Valentus is partnering with blockchain

SPI Energy shares up 3,000% on news of electric vehicles
Wall Street shares soared 3,100%.

SPI Energy yesterday opened a wholly owned subsidiary called EdisonFuture Inc. The creation of the new firm will enable the company to “design and develop electric vehicles and chargers for electric vehicles”.

The EU offers a complete regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies
The EU executive has laid out plans to create a comprehensive framework for digital assets.

The European Commission on Thursday proposed legislation that would turn cryptocurrencies into a regulated financial instrument.
It will set out the rules for the storage of digital assets and capital requirements, and will also define the relationship between the token issuer and the token holder, including the procedure for investors to submit complaints about projects.

US Grants Energy Export License To Crypto Mining Firm DMG
A DOE license will allow the Canadian firm to mine cryptocurrency more profitably.

According to the September 23 announcement, DMG Blockchain Solutions will use the license to acquire the cheapest electricity from the US and Canada to support its mining and computing efforts.

Open Interest in Bitcoin Options Reaches All-Time High in a Week of Expiration
Open interest in Bitcoin options surged to new all-time highs.

A record $ 2.14 billion in options contracts were opened on Tuesday, according to data source Skew, nearly 53% above the multi-month open interest low of $ 1.14 billion on Aug. 28.

New Israeli bill proposes treating bitcoin as a currency, not an asset
The Israeli political party has presented a new bill.

A recently proposed bill by the legislative branch of the Israeli government, the Knesset, introduced several changes to the taxation of bitcoin. Instead of treating BTC as an asset and subjecting sales to a capital gains tax of 25%, the new legislation plans to recognize it as a currency.
New Israeli Bitcoin Bill

Substrate 2.0 from Polkadot integrates oracles at the protocol level.
Blockchain can now see its surroundings.

On Wednesday, the Polkadot team released a major milestone for their Substrate blockchain framework, which now enables blockchain applications to interact with the outside world without relying on external Oracle vendors.

Venezuelan government plans to regulate all bitcoin mining
Miners will need to register with the country’s cryptocurrency office.

Although the mandate legalizes mining, all residents who want to mine Bitcoin must first obtain a license from SUNACRIP, the National Cryptoasset Authority and Venezuela’s related activities.