For the first time in a year, the bitcoin rate rose above $ 11,000
During the day, the cryptocurrency has risen in price by 7%, and since March – by 200%. Digital asset market capitalization reaches $ 320 billion

On July 28, bitcoin rose rapidly to $ 11,400. During the day, its rate increased by 7%. The coin was last traded at current values ​​in early August last year. The volume of trading in the asset in 24 hours increased by 45%. BTC’s market share has climbed to 63%.
Altcoins showed different dynamics. For example, the Ethereum cryptocurrency, which rose in price on July 27 more than others, is now depreciating by 2%, to $ 318. The Cardano token lost the same value. At the same time, the price of Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV increased by 8-9%.

Analysts and popular bitcoin investors gave a forecast for cryptocurrency
Members of the crypto community spoke about their vision for the further movement of BTC.

For most of the participants in the top 10 ranking of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies of the CoinMarketCap resource, Tuesday began with a positive movement. In 24 hours, the cryptocurrency rate increased by 9.24%.

Bitfinex Hackers Moved Almost $ 30 Million To Bitcoin
Fraudsters transferred the cryptocurrency in several transactions.

The network recorded transfers of funds from wallets that are related to the hacking of the popular Bitfinex exchange in 2016. One of the first transactions was noticed by the specialists of the Twitter channel Whale Allert.
In just July 27, 2020, the attackers transferred 2,050.62 BTC to unidentified wallets.

Ethereum Co-Founder’s Project Raised Over $ 43 Million in Private Token Sale
Tokensale is held in the format of a standard auction. The sale started with a price of $ 125 per token, then it will be increased to $ 150.

The Web3 Foundation raised $ 43.3 million through a private token sale of the Polkadot blockchain project. Investors made 1,059 transactions, investing 3,982 BTC in DOT tokens.
In addition, the Polkadot community voted 100 times to denominate the DOT token. The community decided that one DOT should contain 10 billion Planck. The latter is the smallest fractional unit of this blockchain.

FiCAS Lists First Actively Managed Crypto ETP in SIX Exchange
The fund’s portfolio expects returns thanks to an approach that shifts holdings between fiat and crypto assets.

Switzerland’s main stock exchange has given the green light to the self-proclaimed world’s first actively managed product traded on a crypto exchange. Bitcoin Capital Active ETP has received all regulatory approvals to start trading on Six in Zurich.
The fund’s portfolio will allow investors to access the top 15 cryptocurrencies and anticipate returns thanks to an actively managed approach that moves assets between fiat and crypto assets.

Bakkt records record volume of bitcoin futures transactions
Specialists of the Bakkt crypto platform recorded a record volume of transactions for monthly physical delivery of bitcoin futures contracts.

The all-time high was 11.509 BTC. The total amount of transactions approached $ 114 million.
The average daily volume of the Bakkt futures market is 1,726 BTC. According to the Skew analytical platform, the crypto platform accounts for only a small proportion of transactions with bitcoin derivatives. Including, Bakkt is ahead of such popular digital asset exchanges as Huobi and Binance.

The Central Bank of Russia continues to insist that cryptography is “criminal”
The Central Bank of Russia states that crypto purchases do not count as investments.

Despite the fact that Russia recently passed its first major cryptocurrency law, the country’s central bank continues to view the industry as a criminal area.
Sergey Shvetsov, First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia, voiced the bank’s negative position on crypto investments. He compared cryptocurrency to pyramid schemes and roulette games. The official submitted his comments on the crypto industry live on July 28 on YouTube in connection with the new Russian draft law on categories of retail investors.

Abra Crypto Application Opens Interest Accounts After Illegal Swap Penalty
Cryptocurrency investing app Abra today launched interest rate accounts that are recovering from settlements with US regulators on charges.

Now Abra will offer investors up to nine percent per annum for owning cryptocurrencies and the so-called stablecoins of the US dollar – digital currencies pegged to the value of the dollar to make them less volatile.

The update comes after the US Securities and Exchange Commission this month accused the San Francisco-based company of selling security-based swaps to retail investors without registering or selling on a recognized national exchange.