State-owned companies have invested billions in bitcoin this year
The list of large public corporations expanding their investments and portfolios with bitcoin is growing.

The list of large public corporations expanding their investments and portfolios with bitcoin is growing. According to a recent study, Grayscale leads a group of over ten publicly traded companies that have invested in Bitcoin in 2020.
The total value of which exceeds $ 6 billion, which at today’s prices is about 526,000 BTC.

Coinbase Chief Compliance Officer Leaves Amid Wide Exodus
Jeff Horowitz, Coinbase’s Chief Compliance Officer, is leaving the firm after two years.

First reported to The Block, Horowitz, along with 60 other employees, is leaving the exchange – roughly 5% of the company’s workforce.
Most of these departures come in response to a recent announcement by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong of an “apolitical” non-activist stance on social issues at the company. It was not immediately clear if Horowitz was leaving for the same reason.

Securities trading volume fell 60% in September
In September, the turnover of two dozen security tokens was $ 9.15 million.

After four months of impressive growth, security token trading volumes have dropped by nearly 60%.
According to reports from the Security Token Group, from May to August, the sector’s monthly volume growth ranged from 113% to 280%, reaching an all-time high that increased from $ 998,000 to nearly $ 22 million.

$ 13 Billion Asset Manager Stone Ridge Buys 10,000 Bitcoins
The asset management company said it bought 10,000 BTC as part of its main treasury reserve asset.

Another large company seized on Bitcoin, buying 10,000 BTC and using it as the main reserve asset of the treasury.
According to an official press release, the $ 13 billion asset manager acquired BTC through its subsidiary called New York Digital Investment Group.

The Reserve Bank of Australia is still looking into the CBDC, he says it is unnecessary.
The Reserve Bank of Australia continues to explore how to design and use a CBDC.

The Reserve Bank of Australia said it was continuing to research the central bank’s digital currency less than a month after it said it was unnecessary.
The RBA also said it is considering a more targeted “wholesale” CBDC.
Richards, head of payments policy at the RBA, said the case for government policy regarding the release of generic or retail CBDCs in Australia has yet to be presented. According to reports in mid-September, the RBA was highly skeptical and did not believe there was a strong political case for issuing the CBDC at the time.
Bank of Australia examines CBDC

COTI Launches First Ever Decentralized Market Fear Index for Cryptocurrencies
The Decentralized Market Fear Index for Cryptocurrencies should be launched by the enterprise-grade fintech platform COTI.

COTI, an enterprise-grade fintech platform, has taken on the task of launching a decentralized version of the popular VIX stock market index. Called cVIX, it is the first of its kind and offers certain advantages for crypto traders.
In a press release, the cVIX index is designed to measure the perceived level of volatility in the cryptocurrency market and provides traders and investors with an additional tool for making important entry and exit decisions.

FSB Issues Guidelines for Regulation of Global Stablecoins Like Libra
Global stablecoins can pose systemic risks to the currency systems of nation states.

The G20 Financial Stability Board has issued regulatory guidance to counter the transnational ambitions of “global stablecoins” such as the Facebook Libra project.
The FSB report provides regulatory guidance for G20 member countries and the wider international community to prevent stablecoin projects from exploiting “regulatory arbitrage” opportunities and their inclusion in the financial structures of national economies.

Cruise ship Satoshi aims to be the hub of crypto companies
The huge cruise ship aims to become a hub for digital nomads and cryptocurrency companies.

The former cruise ship, built by P&O Cruises Australia, will receive a new status. Built in 1991, Pacific Dawn will be operated at sea under a new name – Satoshi. It is slated to be a sophisticated hub for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and crypto companies.
According to a recent report, the cruising ship will remain afloat with a useful and interesting new target. Ocean Builders, a company specializing in the construction of floating self-contained submarine homes, is looking to create a new living space in the ocean. It will serve as a “technology incubator hub” for entrepreneurs, expats and digital nomads.
Cruise ship Satoshi