Bitcoin managed to close the previous week in the green
Upbeat economic data in the US has boosted demand for the US dollar.

Last week, investor attention shifted to US corporate earnings, retail data and factor production statistics. Most of them were encouraging. More than 80% of the S&P 500 companies that have published their financial reports beat analysts’ forecasts.

ETH 2.0 May Come In 6-8 Weeks As Developers Share The Latest News
A release candidate for phase 0 has been posted, although Medalla still needs more input.

ETH 2.0 developer Ben Edgington recently posted an update to cover the latest news on Beacon Chain testing and development. The major update is the release of version 1.0.0 Release Candidate 0 for the Beacon Chain, which contains a number of improvements and configuration settings.

Stolen funds in the amount of $ 665 thousand were transferred
KuCoin has been tracking the movement of stolen funds for quite some time.

According to a tweet from Whale Alert, some of the funds stolen during the KuCoin hack last month are now moving again. The blockchain tracking platform reported that 1,814 ETH of the aforementioned funds were transferred from the wallet in question, dubbed “Kucoin Hack 2020”, to an previously unknown wallet.

Bitcoin Investors Are More Optimistic Than Ever As IMF Calls For “New Bretton Woods”
Bitcoin Bulls Roar Amid Calls for New Bretton Woods Moment

The International Monetary Fund recently called for a “new Bretton Woods moment.”
In her speech, the new managing director of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, said the pandemic shows that there is a need to revise the global monetary system:

In the third quarter of 2020, cryptocurrency companies were allocated about $ 900 million in venture capital.
In the third quarter of 2020, $ 897.7 million in venture funds were allocated to 212 crypto and blockchain startups.

The most common types of deals were early and seed deals, according to John Dantoni of The Block Research. Such deals accounted for half of the total for the quarter: 59 early-stage deals and 60 seed deals.

Bitcoin skeptic Peter Schiff’s bank is being investigated for allegedly serving the main criminals
The Peter Schiff Bank is under the microscope of the world’s largest tax evasion investigation.

Peter Schiff may hate Bitcoin because it has no value and is the money of criminals. However, his bank Euro Pacific Capital is also not without its sins.

Growing Bitcoin hash rate is not enough
Bitcoin hashrate recently reached the new ATH.

Since the beginning of 2020, Bitcoin hashrate has grown by 36%. In addition, the daily number of active Bitcoin addresses is at a higher level than in 2017, with the number of transactions and transfers also growing since the beginning of the year. In fact, the block reward is currently almost $ 20 billion.

Spain’s central bank will prioritize the development and study of CBDCs
The Spanish central bank has published its Strategic Plan 2020-2024, with CBDC as one of its priorities.

The digital world is catching the attention of the Spaniards. In its “Analysis and Research Priorities for Banco de España: 2020-2024,” the Central Bank stated that it will prioritize researching the legal, technological and financial framework surrounding the release of a possible CBDC to optimize the efficiency of banking processes.

Anthony Pompliano announces that he has 80% of his capital in Bitcoin.
Investor and former Facebook team member Anthony Pompliano recently announced that 80% of his wealth is concentrated in the leading cryptocurrency.

Anthony Pompliano, the fund manager, says he now owns 80% of his assets in Bitcoin. The remaining 20% ​​is made up of real estate, cash and early stage companies. Most likely, a lot of these early investments are in crypto-competitive companies, which means that his impact on this space could be as high as 80%.

Filecoin Down 80% In 4 Days While Miners Are Suffering The Most
Filecoin was dumped within its first week of life, but miners are going through the worst of times.

The speculators are going through hard times. Initially, immediately after launch, the token rose sharply and suddenly by more than 100%.
After the initial hype, Filecoin collapsed by almost 80% and has not recovered since. The cryptocurrency dropped from $ 131 to $ 35.38 in just 4 days, and the fact that some exchanges don’t offer real tokens, but IOUs, also doesn’t help calm traders’ nervousness. It is important to remember that tokens must go through a transfer process before being launched on the network.