Bitcoin price holds above $ 10,800
Bitcoin price continued to rise above the $ 11,000 resistance against the US dollar.

After successfully closing above $ 10,800, the bitcoin price continued to rise against the US dollar. BTC broke the key resistance level of $ 11,000 and settled well above the 100-hour simple moving average.

DeFi Ethereum Leading Protocol Uniswap Launches UNI Token
This happened after the platform became widespread in Ethereum and the crypto space.

As CryptoSlate previously reported, the platform was the third largest decentralized protocol in terms of daily transaction fees. The platform has also recently overshadowed a number of leading centralized exchanges, including Coinbase, due to the sheer volume of transactions made through the platform.

Fed interest rate plan could push investors towards bitcoin
The Fed announced that interest rates will remain at around 0% until 2023.

At the conclusion of a two-day policy meeting, the Fed said that near-zero interest rates are likely to be in effect until 2023 to help the country’s economy.
With interest rates so low in 2020, investors may be looking to invest in interest-free assets like Bitcoin, ”said Charles Boward, vice president of content at Quantum Economics.

Bitcoin sentiment at an all-time low
Bitcoin social media sentiment has dropped to a two-year low.

A number of indicators indicate that social and trading sentiment for bitcoin is still weak, despite the fact that its price topped $ 11,000 a couple of hours ago.
Network analytics provider Santiment has shown that weighted social attitudes towards Bitcoin are at their lowest level in two years. The metric takes into account the total mentions of Bitcoin on Twitter and compares the ratio of positive to negative comments on the platform.

Binance Immediately Lists New Uniswap Token As Interest Growth
Binance has already announced that it will place the UNI token.

Without worrying about controversy over its Sushiswap listing, Binance announced support for the new UNI Uniswap token about 90 minutes after the DeFi platform governance token was launched on Ethereum.

Diginex Approaches Nasdaq Backdoor Listing With Merger Approval
Diginex, officially merged with the publicly traded 8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp.

Announced Wednesday, 8 shareholders overwhelmingly approved the proposed “business combination” with Hong Kong-based Diginex in a special meeting with 81% of the vote.

CB Insights Acquires Blockdata For Undisclosed Amount
Global information giant CB Insights has acquired Blockdata, a Dutch blockchain technology analyst firm.

As part of the deal announced Wednesday, New York-based CB Insights will open an office in Amsterdam, while Blockdata will remain a stand-alone product with its own team. Blockdata will also be available to CB Insights clients.

Pending Ethereum Transactions Jumped 30% After Launching Uniswap Token Application
The number of pending transactions on Ethereum per minute jumped by 30%.

While liquidity mining for the governance token won’t start until Friday, Uniswap said that historical users and liquidity providers on the platform can now claim 400 UNI per address.
Following the announcement, the number of pending transactions per minute on the Ethereum network jumped from 160,000 to over 210,000, according to blockchain explorer Etherscan.
In fact, the UNI token smart contract address now ranks 3rd in terms of total transaction fees over the past three hours, with a total of 534 ETH worth over $ 200,000, according to Etherscan.
Pending ETH Transactions Jumped 30%

First US Crypto Bank: Kraken Receives License From Wyoming Banking Council
Kraken became the first cryptocurrency exchange to receive a U.S. bank charter issued by the Wyoming Banking Board.

The Wyoming Banking Board voted to approve the Kraken depository charter application.
Kraken officially became the very first cryptocurrency exchange to become a new bank in the US since 2006, according to a NASDAQ report.
This means that the exchange will have access to the existing federal payment infrastructure.
The first US crypto bank

IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson accused of YouTube cryptocurrency scams.
Hoskinson Urges YouTube To Fight Crypto Fraud

The founder of Cardano and IOHK, CEO Charles Hoskinson, tweeted that it’s time for YouTube to start doing something about the numerous accounts hacked into fake gift scams.
Hoskinson stated that since Cardano is often chosen by scammers, the community accuses him of being a scam and urges YouTube to wake up and start doing something about this critical issue.
Hoskinson accused of fraud