Correlation Between Bitcoin and Gold Reaches Annual High
This may indicate that investors perceive BTC as a store of value.

According to Skew data, the realized correlation between bitcoin and gold has reached an annual high.
Sentiment on gold is improving as investment firms and hedge funds increasingly hedge against inflation.

Chainlink achieves ‘hoarding zones’ as potential long term bottom shapes
Chainlink has experienced severe weakness over the past few weeks

Chainlink has been experiencing severe weakness over the past few weeks following a period of macroeconomic strength that allowed its price to rise to $ 20 highs.

Crypto exchanger BitFlyer Europe connects with PayPal, allowing you to fund your account in EUR
The bitFlyer Europe crypto exchange has integrated with PayPal.

This move means bitFlyer users can now deposit Euros using their PayPal accounts to buy cryptocurrencies. “We did what we did to integrate PayPal as well as e-commerce websites,” said Jacek Bastin, Business Strategy Manager at bitFlyer Europe.
Indeed, PayPal is the dominant payment method in Europe, with a market share of around 35%, Bastin said.
BitFlyer Europe connects with PayPal

Gibraltar updates DLT structure in line with FATF rules
Once again, Gibraltar is leading the way in crypto regulation.

The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission has updated its regulations governing distributed ledger technology providers to include the latest Financial Action Task Force rules.
The GFSC said this is a response to the fast-paced nature of blockchain, especially as the agency seeks to support companies while protecting consumers.

7% of Ethereum’s circulating supply is on DeFi, worth $ 3 billion
DeFi Locked Capital Reaches New Record Level Again

As the percentage of circulating ETH supply continues to rise, this is likely to fuel demand for ETH. This indicates that DeFi protocol user activity is growing rapidly despite the recent ETH adjustment.
Over the past three days, TVL of DeFi platforms has grown from $ 7.66 billion to $ 9.77 billion, reaching a record high.

UNI drops 30%, but cryptocurrency locked in Uniswap approaches $ 2 billion
UNI is dropping in value, but the number of people blocked on Uniswap is increasing significantly.

According to DeFi Pulse, on September 17, the day after launch day, customers blocked $ 748 million worth of crypto in the Uniswap smart contract. Now $ 1.93 billion is locked in its smart contracts. Meanwhile, the amount of cryptocurrency locked in SushiSwap has dropped from a peak of $ 1.42 billion on September 12 to $ 516 million.
UNI fell 30%

Ethereum Classic partners with ChainSafe and OpenRelay to prevent over 51% of attacks
The search for the protection of Ethereum Classic continues.

In the post, Ethereum Classic and its Core Dev Team will be working with both ChainSafe and OpenRelay to develop and test security measures.
OpenRelay will help Ethereum Classic “develop practical simulations and models for proposed features, build testnet infrastructure, and design and implement testnet tests,” while ChainSafe is working on an overview of many security proposals to secure the network.
Quest for Ethereum Classic protection

Indian State of Tamil Nadu Announces Blockchain Infrastructure Plan
The benefits of blockchain will sooner or later induce countries to adopt it.

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu is introducing new technology projects, including blockchain infrastructure, to streamline government processes.
According to The New Indian Express, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edapaddi K. Palaniswami has announced Tamil Nadu’s adoption of an ethical blockchain policy.

CREAM Finance Soars 130%, Burning 67% Of Total Supply
CREAM Finance announced a massive token burn.

In the official blog post, the C.R.E.A.M. Finance explained that all governance tokens and 7.5% of seed tokens will be destroyed.
This burn will include 100% “governance” tokens and 7.5% seed tokens. This measure will not affect tokens owned by liquidity providers, as well as tokens intended for protocol development and connection.

The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund indirectly owns almost 600 bitcoins
Major financial giants may have more bitcoins than you think.

The Norwegian government’s Pension Fund, also known as the Oil Fund, has over $ 1 trillion in assets, including 1.4% of all global stocks and equities. The fund also owns nearly 600 bitcoins through its investment holdings, according to a September 19 Arcane Research report.