In todays episode we gonna talk about bitcoin cash fall,bitcoin future forecast, tether news and other current information from cryptoworld. So keep an eye on and lets start.
The day began for all cryptocurrencies with a fall. The only asset that managed to maintain a positive trend was Tether. During the day, the cryptocurrency has risen in price by only 0.3%. Bitcoin is down more than 4% and is trading slightly above the $ 11K level. Bitcoin Cash suffered the most in 24 hours and Chainlink dropped more than 9%.

How the price of bitcoin will change until the end of the year – expert opinions
Will bitcoin be able to repeat the rise to $ 12 thousand in the near future?

Nikolay Klenov, financial analyst at Raison Asset Management, drew attention to the fact that in recent months, market participants have seen an increase in demand for the first cryptocurrency. In his opinion, by the end of the year it may well break through the resistance level of $ 12,000.

YEarn’s Ethereum Vault Offers Lucrative Profit To Store ETH
Ethereum breaks its two-year high after the 2018 bear market as the launch of yEarns’ YEH vault increases buying pressure.

Despite a pullback below $ 400 last week, DeFi’s unprecedented rise pushed Ethereum’s price above $ 470, with a daily gain of 9.58%. The euphoria surrounding the launch of YETH acts as a timely catalyst for the resumption of Ethereum’s bull run.

Vienna and Singapore Stock Exchanges use Bitcoin and Ethereum
The Vienna Stock Exchange and Singapore Exchange are beginning to actively switch to cryptocurrency.

On September 1, exchange traded products, “ABTC” and “AETH” 21 Shares AG, related to Bitcoin and Ethereum, were listed on the exchange.

Police arrest South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb
The Seoul Metropolitan Police Department has arrested South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb, on fraud charges.

South Korea’s oldest newspaper, Seoul Shinmun, reported this on Wednesday, reporting that Bithumb offices had been ransacked. The exchange is reportedly accused of pre-selling its own BXA tokens worth about 30 billion won to investors and then refusing to list the token, which allegedly resulted in losses for investors.

Bitcoin Futures Open Interest Falls As Bitcoin Drops 6 Percent
Market shocked by news that South Korea’s largest crypto exchange is being investigated by police

According to data provided by Bybt, open interest in bitcoin futures offered by major exchanges plummeted more than 5.25 percent after BTC collapsed six percent.

Amazon enters the investment and insurance markets of India
More than 100 million people use the services of the corporation in India.

Amazon entered the Indian insurance market and began offering gold investment products to customers. In order to attract more users to the Prime program, Amazon is trying to expand its range of financial services, according to news agency Reuters.
Amazon in the Indian insurance market

On November 15, Bitcoin Cash will face a new hard fork
Bitcoin Cash is likely to experience a new hard fork that will bring BCH holders an airdrop.

Over the past few weeks, discord within the Bitcoin Cash community has escalated, leading to the threat of yet another hard fork. As one of the leading figures of Bitcoin Cash Roger Ver wrote via Twitter, the main developer of Bitcoin ABC Amory Sechet will be holding a hard fork of

Share of bitcoins in cryptocurrency market capitalization at the lowest level in a year
The share of Bitcoin in the total cryptocurrency market capitalization fell to less than 58%.

Bitcoin dominance, a measure of how much the market capitalization of bitcoins accounts for all the value invested in cryptocurrencies, has dropped to its lowest level this year. The slide comes as DeFi on Ethereum continues to grow rapidly.

DeFi Meets Real Estate As Aave Prepares For Crypto Mortgages
RealT is working with Aave to offer tokenized real estate shares as collateral for loans.

The Aave Decentralized Lending Protocol is starting the business of tokenizing the most expensive purchase in most people’s lives: a home mortgage.

OpenDEX wants to bring back DeFi-style bitcoin
Bitcoin can now be provided as liquidity without leaving its own blockchain.

OpenDEX, a new decentralized exchange protocol released today, allows Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum-based token holders to provide liquidity for exchanges without transferring the value of their assets from their own blockchains. This means the DeFi style is making a comeback without Wrapped Bitcoin or any other not-so-decentralized cross-chain packaging protocol.