Ethereum Jumps 5% With 15,000 ETH Early Rate To Launch Beacon Chain
Long-awaited initial phases of ETH 2.0 launch began on November 4th

The long-awaited launch of the smart deposit contract gave ETH holders the opportunity to deposit the 32 Ether required to participate in staking, becoming a network validator.
A minimum threshold of 16,384 validators contributing 32 ETH is required one week before the genesis of the ETH 2.0 blockchain can occur.

Calls for Bitcoin Rally Soar As Britain Considers Negative Interest Rates
The Bank of England is considering the possibility of moving to negative interest rates.

The central bank is currently analyzing how negative rates might work in the UK, according to an exclusive Telegraph report released late on October 4. While a Reuters poll of economists shows less likelihood of getting credit fees below zero, the Telegraph says they may appear in the BoE’s November monetary policy decision.

Razor Network Raises $ 3.7 Million to Create “Truly Decentralized” Oracles
Razor Network’s Decentralized Oracle Platform Raises A Total $ 3.7 Million

The Razor Network, a decentralized oracle platform, raised a total of $ 3.7 million in an initial and private round of sales led by blockchain investors such as NGC Ventures, Alameda Research and Spark Digital Capital among others. The firm’s private sales round was attended by investors, including Mariano Conti, the former head of oracles at MakerDAO.

US authorities seize $ 25 million in cryptocurrency from one of the largest pyramids in Brazil
The US Department of Justice helped close a major pyramid scheme.

According to an official statement from the US Department of Justice, the authorities could confiscate $ 25 million in cryptocurrency held by criminals at a financial institution – perhaps some kind of exchange or custodian service. They do not disclose the name of the said institution. However, they confirmed that they cooperated with the authorities as much as possible during the investigation.

Cardano developer IOHK sponsors a non-profit organization seeking to expand Haskell adoption
Cardano developer IOHK was one of the first sponsors of the Haskell Foundation

Input Output Hong Kong, which maintains the Cardano blockchain, was one of the first sponsors of the newly formed Haskell Foundation, according to a November 4 blog post.

Record $ 816M in Bitcoin Leaves Binance – Are the Whales Preparing to Rally?
Binance Survives The Biggest Bitcoin Churn In History After Withdrawing $ 816 Million In One Day

According to CryptoQuant data, Binance experienced the largest Bitcoin outflow in history on November 3. In just one day, 58,861 BTC were withdrawn, which is equivalent to $ 816 million.

FTC Sends Over $ 470K to People Scammed by Bitcoin Funding Team, My7Network Scams
The FTC said it was sending PayPal payments totaling over $ 470,000.

According to the FTC, the defendants promoted the Bitcoin funding team and My7Network, which falsely promised that members could make large sums of money by paying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin to register. …

China UnionPay Partnership with Danal Introduces Crypto-Enabled Digital Card
China UnionPay announced a partnership with Danal to launch a cryptocurrency-enabled digital card.

Chinese financial services corporation China UnionPay, which is similar to major card providers such as Visa and Mastercard, has announced a partnership with South Korean payment provider Danal to launch a digital card with cryptocurrency support. Danal will offer its Paycoin cryptocurrency as an option on a new prepaid mobile card that will be available through Danal’s cryptocurrency wallet. The card, which will be available by the end of the year, is reported to be accepted by roughly 30 million UnionPay merchants in 179 countries and regions, including China. We Achieved Highest Privacy & Security Ratings by US Standards
According to, an auditor from SGS conducted an assessment and found the platform to have the highest rating of Adaptive.

Cryptocurrency exchange and financing platform said on October 4 that a third-party auditor has given it high ratings for privacy and security based on a set of standards developed by a division of the US Department of Commerce.

Leverage is fueling Bitcoin’s rally to its highest price since January 2018.
Bitcoin’s recent gains appear to have been driven by speculation fueled by leverage.

On November 4, crypto market aggregator CryptoQuant released a chart showing that Binance’s calculated leverage ratio – open interest divided by bitcoin reserves – has reached new all-time highs.