Bitcoin Breaks Key Resistance As Bulls Try To Reach ‘Key Level’
Bitcoin experienced a strong rally that allowed it to break the $ 11,600 resistance level.

Earlier, BTC experienced a sudden burst of buying pressure, which resulted in it rising by more than $ 11,600, which has long been a strong resistance level.
If he breaks out of this level and holds above it for an extended period, he may see further influx of buying pressure that will allow him to break through $ 12,000.

Bitcoin mixer punished by FinCEN with $ 60 million fine
Helix was fined $ 60 million for acting as an unregistered MSB.

According to an official press release, FinCEN has filed a $ 60 million civil fine against Larry Dean Harmon, the man in charge of several Bitcoin privacy-focused services. Larry Dean Harmon was the inspiration behind Dropbit for the Lightning Network Wallet and Bitcoin anonymization services Coin Ninja and Helix.

Online Data Shows Mass Accumulation Among Ethereum Investors
Ethereum stocks skyrocket ahead of 2.0 launch

Santiment blockchain data indicates that there is a spirit of hoarding among Ethereum holders and investors. The blockchain analyst firm recently reported that the amount of ETH held on exchanges has declined in the past two months, suggesting that investors have long-term confidence in ETH:

Bitcoin Miners’ Daily Revenue Falls To $ 345K Amid Rising Wrapped Bitcoins And HODLing Frenzy
The drop in transaction activity on the Bitcoin network has resulted in miners earning only 30 BTC per day.

It is now well known that the Bitcoin blockchain processes significantly fewer transactions than its Ethereum counterpart. And this decline in transaction processing has also significantly reduced miners’ revenues. Chain analysis company Glassnode points to numbers that are at a 5-month low of 30 BTC per day.

Fiat-to-Crypto Gateway BTC Direct Raises Nearly $ 13 Million Series A Funding
BTC Direct has raised just under $ 13 million in Series A funding rounds led by unknown investors.

As announced on Monday, BTC Direct said this is the first significant infusion of funds into the platform, which has so far been heavily funded by its founders. Founded in 2013, the company is also launching the Blox cryptocurrency trading application in addition to its fiat-to-crypto trading system.

Ethereum Prices To Rise As Beacon Chain Genesis Approaches
Ethereum prices in 2020 performed well due to increased demand from DeFi applications.

Since the beginning of this year, Ethereum prices have risen 170% from below $ 140 on New Year’s Day to the current level of around $ 380. There is no doubt that the main driver of demand was the DeFi sector, which grew 200% in terms of blocked Ethereum.
Today, according to DeFi Pulse, there are almost 9 million ETH, or almost 8% of the total supply, locked under various DeFi protocols. This demand for yields has driven the price of ETH up this year, as it outpaces Bitcoin, which was only about 62% over the same period.
ETH price rise

Payment provider NOWPayments announced support for Filecoin payments immediately after launch
The news of the launch of the Filecoin mainnet was awaiting both the crypto company and the entire crypto community as a whole.

Since several major exchanges have posted their own FIL token for Filecoin prior to launch, payment gateway NOWPayments has done its best to keep up with the crypto giants.

Users not impressed by Chinese digital yuan after $ 1.5 million giveaway
The weekly test of the Chinese digital yuan is over.

After a week of $ 1.5 million worth of digital yuan sent by 50,000 Shenzhen citizens, those who used the funds for regular, everyday purchases were not impressed. However, analysts said the testing is a significant step towards the practical use of China’s digital currency.

$ 46 Million Shorts Eliminated As Bitcoin Touches $ 11,800
Bitcoin soars to $ 11,700, leaving bears in the dust

More than $ 58 million has been liquidated on a leading derivatives exchange in the past 24 hours, according to data provided by Bybt. The short side accounts for up to 84 percent of the losses.
The lion’s share of all liquidations occurred on the Binance exchange, followed by problems with OKEx.
The Hong Kong FTX is the only exception, as in fact the bulls have suffered the most on the platform.

R3 Corda Network Ready To Move To DeFi With XDC Digital Currency
Corda Network R3, advertises the first digital currency for this ecosystem, dubbed XDC.

On October 20, it was announced that the Cordite Society, a UK registered cooperative, has released the XDC crypto token on the public Corda, the open source version of the R3 network. The new regulatory-friendly cryptocurrency will open the door, according to its creators at Cordite, to various decentralized finance applications powered by Corda’s distributed ledger technology.
R3 Corda is ready to upgrade to DeFi