Cryptocurrency Market Review: DeFi Tokens Explode Amid Stagnating Bitcoin Price
While BTC Provides Stability, ETH Soars Above $ 460

In the last 24 hours, the asset’s value briefly dropped to $ 15,100. However, the bulls quickly took charge and brought it to its current level of around $ 15,400.
Most of the alternative coins have grown in the past 24 hours. Ethereum is up 3% and is trading just above $ 460. As such, ETH’s impressive performance has continued since the US presidential election day. The second largest cryptocurrency traded at $ 370 on November 3 and gained almost 25% over the week.

KPMG and Aurachain Announce New Blockchain Partnership
KPMG has announced a partnership with blockchain development firm Aurachain.

According to the November 9 announcement, the Romanian subsidiary of KPMG is committed to leveraging the Aurachain development platform to build fast and simple blockchain-based applications and smart contracts for its customers.

Ethereum Blocknative Blockchain Data Startup Raises $ 5 Million In New Funding
Blocknative, an Ethereum-focused project, has raised $ 5 million in new funding.

The funding was led by Blockchain Capital, according to the firm’s November 10 statement. IDEO Colab Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Industry Ventures and Foundry Group also took part in the round, according to the announcement. Spencer Bogart of Blockchain Capital also joined the firm’s board of directors.

Bitcoin Hash Rate Recovers As Another Buy Signal Expected
On-chain metrics for bitcoin are improving as prices begin to consolidate.

The decline in Bitcoin hashrate over the past few weeks has been seasonal and coincided with the end of the rainy season in China, where most of the mining takes place. This caused a 38% drop in the hash rate as fewer computers were used for the next block. According to, the hash rate has just hit 138 EH / s, up 40% from the low reached at the end of last month.

Uniswap TVL will exceed $ 3 billion.
Uniswap TVL was the first DeFi protocol to have a total locked-down value exceeding $ 3 billion.

According to Defi Pulse, that milestone comes when TVL for all DeFi protocols hits an all-time high of $ 13 billion. So far this month, more than $ 2 billion has been added to the DeFi protocols in terms of cryptocurrency dollar backing, but some of this may be related to the rise in Ethereum prices.

Bitcoin fees plummet as mempool plummets to zero
The Bitcoin network’s mempool has shrunk to its lowest size since mid-October.

The surge in hash power has been attributed to the reactivation of Chinese miners who migrated from Sichuan after the end of the rainy season in the province. Bitcoin hash rate increased 42% over the two-day period, November 9 and 10.
The average Bitcoin transaction fee peaked at $ 13.16 per transaction on October 30, when there were over 140,000 transactions in the mempool.

Union Raises $ 3.9 Million From Alameda Research And Others To Tackle DeFi Risks
Union has raised $ 3.9 million from Alameda Research to minimize the risks associated with DeFi.

A decentralized platform aimed at reducing risk, cost and access to DeFi, dubbed Union, has raised nearly $ 4 million from several well-known industrial giants. The project plans to use the tools to develop and launch a set of tools that will further reduce the DeFi risk.
UNION Raises $ 3.9 Million
In a press release, DeFi announced that it has raised funds from popular companies such as Alameda Research, Spark Digital Capital, Solidity Ventures, 3 Commas, Cluster Capital, Black Edge Capital, Alpha Chain, and more.
Union raises $ 3.9 million

Indian Exchange Offers ETH Betting Ahead Of Ethereum 2.0 Launch
According to the exchange, CoinDCX users can bet on ETH 2.0 for as little as 0.1 ETH.

With the first phase of Ethereum 2.0 expected to kick off on December 1, CoinDCX is now “ready” to introduce ETH 2.0 rates to the global crypto community, as the exchange executives announced on November 10.
According to the announcement, CoinDCX’s smart contract solution will allow users to stake ETH with less than 32 Ether, the minimum amount required to participate in an ETH 2.0 offering. Neeraj Handelwal, co-founder of CoinDCX, said the contract would allow users to stake ETH between 0.1 and 1,000 ETH in a single transaction.
CoinDCX Offers ETH Bet

Binance Announces $ 100,000 Donation to Support Ethereum Projects
In March, Ethereum-based crowdfunding platform Gitcoin pledged $ 50,000 in grants.

By joining Gitcoin in its endeavor, Binance announced $ 100,000 in the next round of Gitcoin Grants approval. According to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, the donation will support promising Ethereum projects, and part of the fund will also contribute to Public Good and Growing Web3 hackathons.
Donation to Binance