Bitcoin Vulnerable to More Losses After Another Rejection Near $10.9K Highs
Bitcoin price fell more than 2%

Yesterday there was a steady rise in the price of bitcoin above $ 10,800 against the US dollar. BTC price even climbed above the $ 10,900 level and the 100-hour simple moving average.
However, the bulls did not manage to gain strength and there was no breakout above $ 11,000. As a result, another bearish reaction ensued and the price plummeted below the $ 10,800 support.

$ 1 billion in packed bitcoin is now verified with Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve.
Wrapped bitcoin is now even safer.

The bitcoin custodian BitGo uses Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve mechanism to increase the transparency and verifiability of the tokenized asset for the DeFi protocols.

Bitcoin Price Falls As Feds Target BitMEX Crypto Exchange
The US court has brought several violations and criminal charges against the owners of BitMEX.

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission has filed a civil lawsuit against the cryptocurrency.
The charges relate to the use of an unregistered trading platform, as well as violations of many regulations, including failure to comply with anti-money laundering procedures.

Venezuela will create a decentralized stock exchange on Ethereum
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the adoption of a law banning sanctions on cryptocurrency.

Venezuela has decided to create a “decentralized” stock exchange that uses digital versions of traditional financial assets and instruments.
President Nicolas Maduro paved the way for an exchange of views by announcing the adoption of the “Anti-Blockade Law for National Development and Human Rights Guarantee”. It lays out several strategies to stimulate the national economy, which has been hit by seven separate executive orders from US Presidents Obama and Trump and more than a dozen additional sanctions.

Record inflow of $ 11 billion DeFi buoys
DeFi Apps Total Value Exceeded $ 11 Billion

The total value of DeFi apps has surpassed $ 11 billion and continues to grow. This record inflow of decentralized financial capital could further fuel Chainlink’s bullish momentum.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange Prepares to Launch Blockchain-Based Trading
Chinese exchanges are becoming more blockchain-friendly

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange, one of the largest exchanges in the Asia-Pacific region, announced that they have jointly launched a blockchain solution for trading with private, non-listed companies. This new platform was created as part of the Beijing Regional Trade Center.

Launch of blockchain-based trading

Ethereum SKALE Scaling Project Now Working With Phase 2 Mainnet
SKALE Network announced the launch of its Phase 2 main network

The scalable SKALE Network project, aimed at facilitating traffic and reducing transaction costs on the Ethereum blockchain, has announced the launch of its Phase 2 mainnet. The main network has an estimated capacity of over 1,000 decentralized SKALE elastic chains, each of which has the capacity of the entire ETH chain and sub-second time blocking, the release says. The blockchain network will allow token holders to receive rewards by maintaining network security pools. It goes on the air with a total blocked value of $ 78 million.
SKALE CEO and co-founder Jack O’Holleran also said that Ethereum’s gas prices were “at an all-time high,” but the network congestion that created the need for solutions to mitigate these problems “grew exponentially.”
SKALE announced the launch of Phase 2

Possible Sparkpool Fix Launches This Month
Ethereum Sparkpool Mining Pool Launches Its New Taichi Network

Ethereum mining pool Sparkpool will launch its new Taichi Network with a “private transaction” feature in October, Sparkpool co-founder Xin Xu confirmed.
The network will “gradually go online” this month, which could be one of the solutions to the long-standing problem of decentralized finance with advanced launch, trading practices based on information about future transactions contained in the blockchain transaction queue in cryptocurrency markets.

Here’s Why CFTC Allegations Against BitMEX Are Bad For DeFi
Many small tokens faced massive 10% drop

The crypto industry was shocked to learn that the CFTC has officially filed charges against the three co-founders of BitMEX. This caused a shock throughout the market and also particularly impacted tokens in the DeFi sector.
Many smaller tokens faced massive 10% + drops in the news as investors left beta assets in search of more stability.
While the DeFi sector has been hit particularly hard by today’s sell-off, some analysts have speculated that the government following centralized exchanges could perpetuate the shift towards decentralization.