The first signs of bearish cracks appear when Bitcoin hits $ 16.8K.
Strong buying sentiment remains in the cryptocurrency market

The cryptocurrency market has sustained strong buying sentiment as Bitcoin hit another high since the start of the year. The cryptocurrency added $ 759, or 4.76 percent, to close at $ 16,727. At its intraday high, it traded at $ 16,892.

Bitcoin weekly purchases jump 50% per hour, net buyers dominate miner sales
Bitcoin Price Reaches Its New 2020 High

Over the past month, the price of BTC has risen by more than 50% as net buyers on exchanges have exceeded miner sales during this period.
Citing data from network analyst company Glassnode, cryptanalyst Will Wu notes that hourly purchases of BTC on exchanges are almost 20 times the amount miners sell. This clearly indicates that net bitcoin buyers have outnumbered miner sales, leading to the latest jump in bitcoin prices. Interestingly, net buyers jumped 50% over the past week to 328 BTC per hour.
Bitcoin purchases jump by 50% per hour

Another day, another default flash loan “hack”: loss of $ 7 + million
Origin Protocol Falls Against The Flash Credit Hack

As of November 17, the Origin protocol is another victim of the Flash Credit Hack. This resulted in a loss of over $ 7 million, including funds contributed by the founders.
The attack occurred due to a re-login error.

Ethereum lacks momentum above $ 470
Ethereum found support near the $ 440 level and closed above $ 450 against the US dollar.

Ethereum bounced back from the $ 440 support level and rallied above $ 450 again. The ETH price is now forming a support base around the $ 450 level and the 100-hour simple moving average.
The recent rally accelerated after breaking the major bearish trendline with resistance near $ 452 on the hourly ETH dollar chart. Ether even broke the 50% Fibonacci retracement level of the downtrend from a $ 478 high to a $ 440 low.

Uniswap Loses Over $ 1 Billion In Liquidity Following UNI Farms Shutdown
The world’s most decentralized exchange, Uniswap, no longer ranks first on the blocked total value list

Uniswap is losing collateral as November 17 marks the last day of its liquidity mining program. In less than 24 hours, the protocol dropped over $ 1 billion, or 40% of liquidity, to number three on the TVL chart.

Binance Removes Trading Pairs Including British Pound BGBP Stablecoin
Binance Announces It Now Stops Issuing Its Own BGBP Stable Coin

The major cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced that it is now discontinuing its own sterling-pegged BGBP stablecoin.
Binance spokesman said in a report that BGBP was the exchange’s “first experiment” with a fiat-based stablecoin
According to Binance CFO Wei Zhou, following the listing of the token on the now-closed Binance Jersey division, the listing was apparently included due to the demand for more “diversified stablecoins” in the market as well as in the Binance community.
Binance Removes Trading Pairs

Chinese Bitcoin Miners Can’t Pay Energy Companies As Government Reportedly Freezes Bank Cards
Chinese bitcoin miners are having difficulty paying their electricity bills.

According to the local news agency, on Twitter on November 16, 2020, Chinese miners were reportedly having difficulty paying their electricity bills. The publication was able to poll 74% of Bitcoin miners in China who showed that they face such problems.

IBM strives for sustainable fashion through cutting edge blockchain partnership
IBM has grown to become one of the largest blockchain consulting firms in the world.

The Armonk tech giant has announced that it is teaming up with German textile manufacturer KAYA & KATO to develop a blockchain network that traces the origins of fabrics used in the fashion industry. The new app will allow KAYA & KATO’s suppliers and customers to define where their fabrics are processed, as well as understand each step of the production and distribution processes.

Anthony Scaramucci’s $ 7 Billion Foundation Sees Bitcoin Investment
Investment firm Anthony Scaramucci said it “may seek to gain access to digital assets.”

SkyBridge Capital, an investment firm founded by former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, appears to be warming up to bitcoin.

KuCoin Launches Non-Financial Token Exchange
KuCoin plans to launch an NFT exchange through its liquidity trading platform.

According to the announcement made earlier today, the Pool-X platform will open Dego.Finance NFT asset deposit services from November 16. Withdrawals will begin on November 20 and the NFT exchange platform is due to launch in early 2021.