The UK regulator added Gemini Europe Limited, a local subsidiary of the exchange headquartered in New York, to its register on August 19, the same day it approved Archax.
While Gemini is already operating in the UK, Archax has yet to launch its services.

FCA UK approves Gemini

BlockFi is raising another $ 50 million.
BlockFi has announced the launch of a cryptocurrency credit card.

Crypto-credit startup BlockFi raised $ 50 million in a Series C funding round led by venture capital firm Morgan Creek Digital. For a startup, this investment round was the second in 2020 – since January, the company has already raised almost $ 100 million.
BlockFi is raising another $ 50 million.

Tokyo court ruled to confiscate stolen NEM from Coincheck
This is the first time a cryptocurrency has been seized in Japan.

More than two years after the Coincheck Inc. hack, according to numerous media reports including the Japan Times. The Tokyo District Court has arrested a cryptocurrency for the first time in Japanese history.
The Court reportedly issued a protection order pending the confiscation of crypto assets believed to have been stolen from the Tokyo cryptocurrency exchange back in 2018.

Huobi Satisfies “Loud and Clear” Demand for Cryptocurrency Savings Accounts
Huobi makes an offer to those who “want to make good profits without any problems.”

Seychelles exchange Huobi Global has opened savings accounts for cryptocurrency.
Anyone wishing to apply for a cryptocurrency savings account will need to clear Know Your Customer checks first.

KuCoin Warns About Fake Website
Impersonation fraud continues to infiltrate the cryptocurrency space.

The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange has warned users of a fraudulent website using its branding in an attempt to steal cryptocurrency.
According to a report released on August 19, the website offers false incentives to entice users to deposit digital assets.
KuCoin Warns About Fake Website

Ethereum miners oppose proposal to reduce block reward by 75%
The new proposal to improve Ethereum was met with harsh criticism from miners.

EIP-2878 proposes to lower the block reward by 75%, from 2 ETH per block to 0.5 ETH. The rationale for this EIP is to bring Ethereum inflation closer to Bitcoin and preserve ETH’s purchasing power.
Bit Capital Group CEO and co-founder Jimmy Thomms explained that Ethereum shouldn’t try to emulate Bitcoin’s inflation rate as it was an old network that tried to achieve different goals, not to mention that the proposal made miners feel like I was using them.
Ethereum improvement proposal