Crypto Market Surge As PayPal Announces Support For Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash And Litecoin
PayPal has announced the launch of a long-discussed cryptocurrency support plan.

The company says US users will be able to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies on PayPal “in the coming weeks.” Support for Venmo and other countries is expected in 2021. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are the first coins to be supported.

ConsenSys and Protocol Labs team up to integrate Filecoin into Ethereum development tools
Developers, miners and even Filecoin users will be able to access ConsenSys tools for Ethereum.

Blockchain company ConsenSys has officially partnered with the open source Protocol Labs to integrate the Filecoin storage marketplace with the ConsenSys Ethereum product stack.
According to the announcement, miners, developers and users of the Filecoin network will be able to access ConsenSys development tools like Infura, MetaMask and others to integrate with the Ethereum decentralized financial ecosystem.
Combining ConsenSys and Protocol Labs

Deribit Crypto Options Exchange Will Require Identity Verification For All Users By Year End
Deribit will require all of its users to complete identity verification before the end of the year.

The largest crypto options exchange by trading volume will ask its users to provide government-issued photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license, as well as proof of residency under the updated Know Your Customer program.
Deribit identity verification

OKEx resumes normal operation, but withdrawals are still closed
After a series of problems, OKEx returned to work.

Crypto exchange OKEx has announced that its fiat and crypto buying opportunities and P2P point have opened. However, withdrawals are still closed.

MicroStrategy Shares Rise As Bitcoin Reaches Its Highest Level Since July 2019
MicroStrategy Shares Soar Six Percent With Bitcoin

Business intelligence company MicroStrategy surged nearly eight percent in trading hours.
Blockstream CEO Adam Back suggests that investors no longer even need an exchange-traded fund for Bitcoin as they can directly access the leading cryptocurrency through MicroStrategy.

CasperLabs Raises $ 14 Million Through Node Launch Funds
CasperLabs received $ 14 million from investors who pledged to protect its Casper network.

CasperLabs CEO Mrinal Manohar confirmed the pre-sale of the private CLX token to CoinDesk and went on to say that the investment was spearheaded by Digital Strategies with the participation of HashKey Capital and Blockchange Ventures, as well as 52 others. According to him, almost half of the subscribers already own shares in CasperLabs.

Kraken Resumes Cryptocurrency Trading In Japan As Part Of APAC Expansion
Japanese people can trade Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash on Kraken again.

On October 22, the exchange announced the launch of spot trading in Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash for Japanese residents. Pairs denominated in cryptocurrency and JPY are available.

CFTC publishes digital currency guidance for sellers with futures commission
CFTC Issues Guidelines for Traders in Futures Commissions

According to a press release from the CFTC’s Swap Dealer and Intermediary Oversight Division on Wednesday, the board is informing FCM on how to store and report certain digital assets owned by clients in connection with physically delivered futures contracts or swaps.
A segregated account means that customer funds are strictly separated from company money.

Decred Introduces First Commission-Free Decentralized Exchange: DCRDEX
Decred, a blockchain built with decentralized governance in mind, announced the launch of DCRDEX, the revolutionary DEX

Unlike traditional exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase, DCRDEX Decred runs on the blockchain, so there is no third-party interference in user transactions.
The Decred team also assured in an official press release that unlike most decentralized exchanges, DCRDEX provides interoperability across multiple blockchains as long as they provide support for atomic swaps.

Nearly half a billion US dollars have been minted in the past 36 hours as bitcoin has grown
Out of 450 million new USDT tokens, more than 185 million have been distributed

The Tether Treasury has minted nearly half a billion new USDT tokens and has distributed over 185 million tokens to exchanges and other addresses in the past 36 hours.
As shown by the blockchain tracker Whale Alert, on October 20 and 21, two transactions were minted for 150 million and 300 million USDT tokens, respectively.