Bitcoin Shows Bullish Pattern, Why Close Above $ 18.2k Could Change the Game
Bitcoin price remained stable above the support of $ 17,500 against the US dollar.

Grayscale Ethereum Trust Receives SEC Approval As First Publicly Listed ETH Investment Product
The SEC has approved the Grayscale Ethereum Trust as the first publicly listed ETH investment product in the country.

In a significant development, the US Securities and Exchange Commission approved the Grayscale Ethereum Trust as the first publicly listed ETH investment product in the country.
Publicly traded stocks will make it easier to track ETH market price, fees and other expenses. In addition, as in traditional markets, users can buy and sell stocks during trading hours at market prices. As of November 19, the market price per share for ETHE was $ 68.07, while the stock of ETH per share remained at $ 44.18.
SEC approved ETH

Largest Cryptocurrency Traders Use New Market Anonymity Tool
Crypto options traders are fading into the proverbial shadow thanks to the startup messaging platform Paradigm.

The latest update to the Paradigm platform, called RFQ for Multiple Dealers and Anonymous Trading, now allows these members to trade with multiple counterparties simultaneously – and anonymously.
The ability to price multiple counterparties on a trade at once greatly improves pricing and reduces costs, and also allows traders to use the same complex, multi-stage order types that they would have access to in traditional options markets. The addition of a new feature has helped increase the volume flowing through Paradigm – the firm sees average daily trading volumes of around $ 40 million.
New tool for market anonymity

Ethereum Price Doesn’t Help ETH 2.0 Placement, Here’s Why
Deposits under the ETH 2.0 deposit contract have grown significantly over the past few days.

More than 102k ETH was sent to the ETH 2.0 deposit contract, however, despite this, given the current pace of betting, many remain unsure if the goal of the validators can be achieved by November 24th.
The main list of problems summarized was the inability to withdraw ETH, uncertainty about the date of origin and the fear of losing capital due to technical problems.
RocketPool announced that they are moving the beta from Medalla to the Pyrmont testnet and expect it to last for several months, and will also reduce the minimum amount of ETH required for staking to be eligible for rewards from 32 ETH to 24 ETH.
Deposits under the ETH 2.0 contract

Bitcoin Options Investors Start Hedging From Potential Price Pullback
The data shows that investors are starting to prepare for a temporary retreat from the steep cryptocurrency bull run.

Monthly implied volatility, influenced by demand for call and put options, jumped from about 55% to a four-month high of 70.5% over the past two days, suggesting heightened expectations for price turbulence over the next four weeks. …
The monthly rate is currently 65%. Implied volatility for longer periods has also recovered from recent lows.
Hedging Bitcoin Options Investors

Matic launches Chainlink-enabled feeds for ETH, USDT, DAI and USDC
Matic Chooses Chainlink As Their Decentralized Oracle Solution

According to the November 19 announcement, the Matic Network has integrated the Chainlink oracle channels for five USD-denominated trading pairs with its own Ethereum token and three stablecoins.
Chainlink allows its partners to get real data without relying on centralized solutions.
SEC grants IMVU permission to digital avatar firm to sell crypto tokens
The US Securities and Exchange Commission has given another crypto firm permission to sell its own cryptocurrency.

According to the SEC letter, IMVU can only sell tokens at a fixed price; Buyers must agree to buy tokens for use and not speculate on the price; and the proceeds cannot be used to build a VCOIN network. Users are also required to comply with a number of restrictions regarding customer awareness and anti-money laundering, the SEC said.
SEC approval for IMVU

After six weeks, OKEx will finally resume withdrawals.
The exchange promises to restore trust and prevent a similar incident from happening again, but for some users the damage has already been done

OKEx announced that it is going to resume withdrawals for users – six weeks after they were suddenly suspended.
The disruptions last month were related to the fact that one of the owners of the private keys was involved in the investigation.