Bitcoin surpasses $ 14k as Trump becomes the favorite to win elections
Bitcoin’s sharp rise pushed it above $ 14,000 for the second time in less than a week.

Bitcoin briefly climbed above $ 14,000 again, this time possibly due to news of the US presidential election. Altcoins have a green graph as the total market cap approaches $ 400 billion again.

Security token volumes fall by half for two months in a row
Securities markets continued their downturn last month, with trading volume across the sector down more than 40%.

The bullish trend that the security token sector enjoyed in the first three quarters of 2020 did indeed wane, with a monthly drop of more than 40% for the second consecutive time.
Since it totaled nearly $ 22 million in August, monthly security token trade fell to $ 9.15 million in September and then dropped to $ 5.27 million in October.

Ethereum Recovers, Close Above $ 392 May Spur Strong Rally
Ethereum stayed above the support of $ 372 and recovered well against the US dollar.

After jumping to support at $ 372, Ethereum held its ground and started a decent upward movement. ETH price has broken the $ 380 resistance level to enter a short-term bullish zone.

A $ 1,000,000,000 Bitcoin transaction is tracked by Elliptic.
Silk Road Address Moved $ 1 Billion of Bitcoins

On November 3, Whale Alert, a tracking service for large cryptocurrency transactions, tweeted that someone had transferred nearly $ 1 billion worth of bitcoins to an unknown wallet.

Indicators on the network show that the impact of bitcoin miners on the price is decreasing.
Research shows that bitcoin miners own less assets.

A new report from network analytics provider CoinMetrics suggests that the significant influence of miners on the Bitcoin network is gradually diminishing.
The study analyzed the addresses and costs of miners and pools to determine if their impact on the network as a whole has changed over time. Since miners receive newly issued bitcoins rather than buying them, they are natural net sellers of the asset.

LINK Update: Polkadot Powered DEX Announces Chainlink Integration
Polkadot-powered Zenlink DEX Network announced its integration with service provider Oracle Chainlink.

On Tuesday November 3rd, Polkadot-powered Zenlink cross-chain DEX network announced its integration with Oracle Chainlink service provider. The latest announcement stems from Zelink DEX seeking to use Chainlink oracles to access valuable assets protected on the Polkadot blockchain network.

Ethereum Fees Drop 65% In October After DeFi Volumes Return To Earth
Miners’ revenues from processing transactions on the Ethereum blockchain more than halved in October.

According to data source Glassnode, Ethereum users paid $ 57.49 million for transactions in October, down 65% from September’s record monthly $ 166.39 million.

The Grayscale Trust sees the largest weekly inflow at just around 500,000 BTC.
Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust is on track to hit 500,000 BTC by the end of 2020.

Grayscale saw a record $ 215 million in inflows last week, more than any previous investment in Trust.
If the company continues to grow at 32,000 BTC last month, Grayscale could hold 500,000 BTC for three weeks. By the end of next year, if the rate is constant, Grayscale will be able to control 926,600 BTC, which is 5% of the total current Bitcoin supply.
Grayscale Trust weekly influx

Hong Kong plans to ban retail investors from buying cryptocurrency
Hong Kong authorities have proposed a number of new licensing requirements for crypto exchanges.

According to a November 3 report by local English-language financial news source Nikkei Asia, the new measures are intended to bring Hong Kong’s anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regulations on par with the rest of the world.

Telegram will pay 625 thousand dollars in commissions after the termination of the claim for the ticker GRAM
Telegram owes $ 625,000 to Lantah LLC.

Telegram Messenger Inc. was ordered to pay about $ 625,000 in legal fees to a small cryptocurrency firm that it had sued using a cryptographic ticker and the GRAM trademark.

Fork in a Node: Bitcoin Cash Node on the Way to Supplant Bitcoin ABC
Bitcoin ABC is about to give way to a community-driven riot in the form of a Bitcoin Cash node.

According to Coin Dance, over 75% of nodes have signaled in favor of BCHN over the past week, while a meager 1% have shown support for ABC. There are just over ten days left until the end of the race.
BCHN nodes mined 84.7% of Bitcoin Cash blocks produced in the last 24 hours, compared to 1.4% for ABC.